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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
14 Aug 2015 1.9K 2 mins Share

CONNECT To the World -The Best Computer Networking Courses in the USA!

Want to save the world from computer crime; thwart potential information thieves?! Have a look at top computer networking degrees in the USA to get started NOW!

14 Aug 2015 1.9K 2 mins Share

Know Thy PANs, LANs, & WANs! 

For starters -what IS computer networking? Linking up many computers to enable them to talk to each other or interconnect- in simple words. Emails, chats & everything we rely on today are all based on this. The biggest example of such a network is the internet that has thousands and thousands of computers sharing info. 

Future Bandwidth!

Thank goodness for computer networks! Had these not been invented, you wouldn’t even be reading this very article right now.  But no –on a more serious note- as digital technology continues to pervade the physical world, computer networking has become the communication backbone to large & small businesses today and is a key role. Today, the number of networked devices in usage equals twice the global population! And companies round the globe save billllllllllions of dollars sharing resources over computer networks.

Why ‘Route’ for the USA? 

A generation ago, a career in such a field was barely or even remotely heard of- but now it has become one of the world’s most high-profile jobs. The complexity of network technology and its usage has only been increasing over time- and this means- there should be high demand for network specialists for many, many years to come.  Don’t just want to take our word for it? The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) tells us that on the networking side of things in the USA, there will be a 12% increase in jobs and this upward trend is predicted to last till the year 2022. See- we told you so! 

All the World’s A Web!

The U.S. BLS also states that “networking specialists usually need some college training, and a bachelor's degree is often preferred for the profession.” So-( ta da!)We present to you the top five undergraduate computer networking programmes being offered by US universities at present. 

University of California-Berkeley

As per the U.S. News and World Report, this University was ranked first for Computer Science and was called ‘one of the best Western Colleges’ by the Princeton Review. Its undergraduate electrical and computer engineering program offers a communications, networks, and systems option.  This programme mixes up practical work and theory and lets you research topics such as security, information coding, networking design, or wireless networks. Classes you take may cover areas including systems design, circuitry, and communications.

St. John’s University 

St. John’s offers the Associate of Science in Networking and Telecommunications; the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science- Networking and Telecommunications Options; Bachelor of Science in Networking and Telecommunications; and the Bachelor of Science in Networking and Telecommunications-Business Option at the undergrad level.  All of these charge an annual tuition fee of $37,870.

The University of Akron

Within this Universities list of study options on offer, you’ll find two Associate of Applied Business in Computer Information systems programmes- one specializing in Cisco Networking and the other in Microsoft Networking. These are two-year, full-time programmes and cost $7,868 per year.

Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

The Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Technology-Networking Systems is on offer at the Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. This is a full-time programme with 120 credit hours and has a per-year price-tag of $30,374 attached to it.

University of Northern Iowa

The University of Northern Iowa offers students the BS in Networking and System Administration Major. This is a full-time programme that spans four years and has an annual tuition fee of $16,546.

So there we have it- your top five computer networking universities from the United States! Which will your study destination be- still deciding? 

And hey- if you are interested in enrolling in any of the programmes above- all you need to do is drop us an email or give us a call and our counsellors will help you out with the application process-absolutely free of cost! 

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