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Antony Chacko
17 May 2017 3.1K 4 mins Share

A degree in software engineering abroad can boost your career

Study software engineering abroad – We talk about its 3 popular branches; colleges or universities abroad offering this degree, for Indian students; and its ROI.

17 May 2017 3.1K 4 mins Share
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Quick highlights:

  • 1. What's software engineering?
  • 2. The three popular areas
  • 3. Where to study software engineering abroad?
  • 4. Career opportunities in software engineering.
  • 5. What's the ROI?

Despite the recent landslides and the industry bubble bursting, looks like software engineers are back on the top, both in India and abroad. Software engineering has topped the list in the US for quite some time, as one of the best jobs for undergraduates. So if you intend to pursue a foreign degree in this field, US could be a great place to study. 

But considering recent political upheavals, there are other equally potential countries to study software engineering courses. We'll get into that slowly. 

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What is software engineering?

A masters programme in software engineering provides you with an educational experience that builds on traditional computer science and engineering, and then takes an integrative approach to software engineering. With the increased globalization of the software development workforce there is less programming being performed in the United States.  In this context, it becomes increasingly important that graduates understand developing technologies and architectures and their influence on software engineering processes. The program offers a strong testing and quality assurance component.

Graduates with an MS in Software Engineering can expect to find significant opportunities in software development, management, and marketing.

The three popular areas

A masters in software engineering will give you an additional knowledge of three core areas. The three popular areas of concentration within software engineering are Enterprise software technologies, Software Systems Engineering and Networking Software.

Enterprise Software Technologies

The Enterprise Software Technologies specialization prepares students from around the world to become technical leaders in the rapidly changing software development environment. You are taught the fundamentals of software development and given in-depth exposure to the latest technologies and trends in this field. It prepares you for a technical career in infrastructure software and enterprise application development.

This specialization focuses on study and research of distributed enterprise software architectures that employ multiple clients and scalable server-side technologies to develop high performance systems that scale across multiple tiers of servers.

Software Systems Engineering

The Software Systems Engineering specialization provides current and future software professionals with the essential skills and real-world knowledge to succeed in the field. It offers an education in the fundamentals of software engineering and an in-depth exposure to the latest technologies and trends in software development processes, methodologies, and tools. Teamwork is emphasized throughout the curriculum to provide students with essential preparation for working in the industry.

The specialization covers the software development life-cycle models, object-oriented analysis and design, design patterns, frameworks, software architecture, and software project management. It also provides coverage of the quantitative aspects of software engineering, including software metrics, software quality assurance and testing, software costs, and software reliability.

Networking Software

The Networking Software specialization provides a unique opportunity to software engineers in the area of networking and distributed systems. Through a combination of basic-concept courses and hands-on experience, students learn the fundamentals as well as the design, development, and implementation of networking and the impact of networking on distributed systems.

The specialization focuses on network architecture, transport and application layer protocols, network programming and analysis, and includes advanced topics in network security, multimedia networking, networking for mobile computing, network management agents, distributed operating systems, and the impact of networking on distributed systems.

Where to study software engineering abroad?

There are a number of countries abroad where you can study software engineering and related courses. Here are a few to help you with:

There are more universities offering this course. Login on our website and browse your preferences. 

Career opportunities in software engineering

There is no dearth of opportunities for qualified professionals in the industry, both in India and abroad. Most IT companies practice and implement software development life cycles, which feature Product Design, Product Development, Product Implementation and Product Support.

Roles you could be hired for include software analyst, architect, research engineer or managerial roles such as team leader or technology officer.

What's the ROI? 

The most awaited part of any degree is what will be your 'return on investment', i.e., your annual salary. We give you a glimpse of different salary packages in different countries -

In the USA, the average salary of a software engineer is $100,533 per year. Popular companies like Google, Apple, Yahoo and Microsoft pay average salaries of $127,412, $147,608, $132,651 and $117,593 per year, respectively.

Check out the salaries of software engineers based on locations:​

Here you go, with a holistic package of information about software engineering career abroad. Please contact our advisors for further assistance and to know more about how and where to apply. 

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