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The best tool to find the right course for you!
Roshna Mohan

Roshna Mohan is a Content Writer at Hotcourses India - an IDP company. A post-graduate in Biotechnology, she chose content writing as her career out of sheer interest. Reading and cooking are her stress-busters. Talk about these to take the introvert out of the ambivert. Her all-time favourite authors are Paulo Coelho, Yuval Noah Harari and Robin Cook.


16 Jul 2020 677 Book icon 3 mins Share

The best tool to find the right course for you!

Are you spending hours searching, evaluating and comparing the courses and universities to find the best one for you? We have a solution. Presenting, our Course Matcher tool.

16 Jul 2020 677 Book icon 3 mins Share
The best tool to find the right course for you!

Decision making is something a lot of us struggle with. When it is something as crucial as selecting your study abroad programme or institution, you would naturally tend to be even more cautious. We know how mentally draining it is to wade through a humongous list of universities and courses, weigh the options against each other, all the while having doubts. Expert suggestions would always make it easier for you and help you narrow down the options.

What if we said that all you have to do is answer a couple of questions and we’ll help you find the course that’s ideal for you in all the ways that matter? What’s more, this can be done in just a few minutes.

Why we think you deserve the Course Matcher

  • The amount of time and effort involved in finding the right course/programme using random internet searches is huge. It is indeed worth it, but something smarter would make the whole process much easier.
  • Information about higher education, courses and universities is extensive and it’s not all in one place. A single platform with a large database will help you get a holistic picture, while also allowing you to focus on specific aspects if required.
  • The more refined and personalised your search is, the more painstaking it will be. Imagine finding a well-ranked institution that offers on-campus accommodation, for an affordable course with grade requirements that you can meet. Sounds ambitious? There should be an easier way to get around this.
  • There is no opportunity for a quick comparative analysis with the current search methods. You might have to manually note down the details and do the analysis yourself.

What you need here is a problem solver. Our Course Matcher is an answer to all this and more.

How do you use this tool?

All you need to do is answer a few questions, and they’re not lengthy ones. Simply select the most suitable ones from the dropdown options you’ll see.

You will be asked about:

  • The study level you are searching for
  • Your preferred start date
  • The course you are looking for
  • Your preferred study destination
  • Your budget range
  • Your qualifications/grades

If you have attempted any English Language test, you will be asked to share the scores as well.  

The tool also gives you an option to note what aspects of an institution are more important to you. Some of the factors you can select are on-campus accommodation, internship availability and scholarship availability.

Once you answer all the questions, the tool will come up with a list of programmes and institutions that are ideal matches for your credentials and requirements.

How is that done?

We’ll spare you the technicalities and just say that every detail you enter will be evaluated against our enviably large database of more than 150,000 courses, 1000+ institutions and 100+ subjects. Once the information is calibrated, you will be looking at a much more refined list.

Is there more?

Now that you have a more focused list, you can play around with it. Sort your findings by overall match, academic match, tuition fee match or the university rankings. Once you are happy with a few, you can add it to your favourites list, which you can access later. Up until this stage, you also have the option of taking a quick view of the university with details about its location, ranking, and an estimate of the expenses you may need to cover.

There’s more. From your favourites list, you can do a comparison of courses or institutions. The tool will also be able to tell you how likely it is you’ll be accepted for a particular programme based on your grades. Your search results will bear a tag which categorises the matches into ideal, safe or aspirational.

  • Ideal – if your grades are an exact match for the course or programme
  • Safe – If your grades surpass the requirement
  • Aspirational – If your grades don’t quite meet the requirement

You can save the results and your progress while using the tool.

As our Senior Product Manager, Madhan Kumar rightly says, “The tool determines how well your qualifications match the entry requirements for courses and universities. It’s not only about a qualification match, but critically considers things like budget, lifestyle and location.”

A product from the experts in the industry, the tool can save you time, make your search more personalised and refined, and help you compare options when you’re struggling to make a choice. The course matcher is the result of our comprehensive understanding of the educational industry and our years of experience catering to the needs of students with study abroad dreams. Our efforts are focused on making your educational journey as smooth and easy as possible.

Need help choosing a course?

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IDP Expert
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