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Which BTech course should I choose to study abroad?
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22 Aug 2018 148 Book icon 7 mins Share

Which BTech course should I choose to study abroad?

Do you think you’re cut out for a particular BTech course? Know your type of BTech, which you can choose to study in an institute abroad

22 Aug 2018 148 Book icon 7 mins Share
Which BTech course should I choose to study abroad?

There are over 40 different engineering branches that young students are crazy about. Every year, over thousands of high-school graduates and college undergraduate students move abroad to study postgraduate or related programmes in engineering, amongst which a higher proportion of students go to study BTech courses at prestigious institutions.

There are several BTech degrees that one can choose to study abroad. You might feel drawn towards several BTech disciplines at the same time. How will you decide which BTech course is right for you?

How to find which BTech course is meant for you

BTech mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineers are always on the road. They are always in demand. They are the risk takers and rule breakers. Mechanical engineering is an evergreen domain of science and technology. Amongst other engineering branches, mechanical is one such branch that has always been at the forefront of driving the economy and workforce in any engineering department.

James Watt is considered, by some people, as the father of mechanical engineering. Many students are inspired by the work that he has done for us. The invention of steam engine, and what followed after, was a major breakthrough in mechanical science and engineering that inspired several generations.

Who can study BTech in mechanical engineering?

  • Students who have an inherent passion to design and plan various tools and devices meant for industrial and domestic purposes.
  • Mechanical engineers are in high demand in many industries, so students who want to work with varied sectors can opt for this lucrative profession.
  • Students who think they have the ability to multi-task and can handle different creative projects at the same time can opt for mechanical.
  • Also, robotics is an emerging field in this engineering domain. Mechanical engineers are also sought by employers involved in creation of robots. So students who are highly influenced by artificial intelligence and robotics can look forward to studying this BTech course abroad.
  • Mechanical engineers are expected to have a vast knowledge in not only physics, mathematics, electricity and structures, but also in environmental science and social and economic conditions. 

If you think you have all these traits and abilities in you, you must go for a BTech degree in mechanical engineering abroad.

Universities abroad to study mechanical engineering

  1. Flinders University
  2. University of Bristol
  3. Centennial College
  4. University of Adelaide

BTech civil engineering

The history of civil engineering dates back to the ancient Indus Valley Civilization, when people started creating structures to live in, and there was a slow transition from the nomadic existence of lives.

Civil engineers are responsible for all things civilian, from building bridges, roads, dams, tunnels, to skyscrapers and maintaining several infrastructure and projects.

A typical life of a civil engineer is replete with constant innovation that helps him or her to conceive ideas and execute them to an optimal level.

Civil engineering demands that engineers must constantly reinvent themselves; therefore, there’s no boring moment in a civil engineers’ life.

Who can study BTech in civil engineering?

  • Students who want to specialise in structural and environmental engineering can choose to study BTech in civil engineering abroad.
  • Students who never hesitate to be on the move, i.e., they are constantly improving themselves in every step are made for this kind of job.
  • Civil engineers are required to have problem-solving skills and the ability to adapt to workplace conditions. If, as a student, you are ready to face all kinds of challenges, then this is the right course for you.
  • Also, creativity is one of the core assets that every civil engineer is required to have. If you believe you have it, then this BTech degree is for you to choose.
  • Civil engineers often handle versatile projects, which demand creative thinking and the ability to surrender to strenuous work conditions. This means you need to have a high amount of physical and mental tolerance, and if you have it then this is the perfect BTech course for you.

As a civil engineer, it would be a proud moment for you when you look at a building even after years and say 'I was involved in its creation'.

Universities abroad to study civil engineering

  1. Murdoch University
  2. University of Bristol
  3. Flinders University
  4. The University of Sydney
  5. University of Adelaide

BTech aerospace engineering

Aerospace engineering is a broad field, encompassing aeronautical and astronautical engineering. This field of engineering involves designing aircrafts and spacecrafts. Normally, students choose to study either BTech in aeronautical engineering that comprises designing airplanes, aircrafts, jets, etc., or BTech in astronautical engineering that comprises designing spacecrafts.

Who can study BTech in aerospace engineering?

  • Students who want to specialise in different aerospace products, ranging from military airplanes, spacecraft, launch vehicles, satellites, to missiles.
  • Students who are excited to work with the aerodynamics of aircrafts and propulsion systems are inclined to study BTech in aerospace engineering.
  • Specialised courses like astronautical science require students to have knowledge about various layers of atmosphere and of the Earth as a whole. If you think, your geographical knowledge and scientific skills complement this kind of subject area, then you must go for it.

Universities abroad to study aerospace engineering

  1. Coventry University
  2. Edith Cowan University
  3. University of Liverpool

BTech computer engineering

Students who are naturally drawn towards the big technological tool, which has, for several years, given us tremendous opportunities and acted as an unfathomable source of knowledge and information, the computer.

Students with a particular likeness towards computer and its related devices tend to choose the subject. There are two categories of students who choose to study computer science, one interested in hardware and the other interested in software.

Software engineers are, particularly, produced in high numbers in almost every country. They are highly sought after by more than half of the world’s employers.

Who can study BTech in computer engineering?

  • Often people who have loved computers from a very young age end up studying this subject in their BTech.
  • Students who are interested in both electronics and computer science can go for a BTech degree in computer engineering.
  • If you are good in mathematics and programming, then this is your call.
  • If you have all the patience in the world to solve problems on the monitor, then this is the ideal BTech you can ever have. Trouble-shooting is an added advantage, which is the ability to identify the root cause of a problem, that successful computer engineers must know of.

Industries are constantly on their toes to make rapid advancements in technology. Most of them are familiarising themselves with terms like artificial intelligence and augmented and virtual reality. If you have already heard of these and want to experience how it feels working with the new technology, then a BTech in computer engineering is ideal for you.  

Universities abroad to study computer engineering

  1. Massey University
  2. University of Wollongong
  3. University of Greenwich
  4. Curtin University

Some of the best cities abroad for software engineers where employers are constantly on the lookout for new graduates include – London, Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Germany.

BTech electrical engineering

Famous movies like Wall-E had set high standards, when it got released, in terms of a small robot doing the job of thousands of rag pickers and garbage collectors. The outstanding science fiction leads us to a garbage-covered planet, which is cleaned up by the robot, Wall-E.

The masterpiece gives an insight into the world of robotics and computers interspersed to develop new structures for a new world.

Who can study BTech in electrical engineering?

  • Computer and electronic enthusiasts who believe that when these two domains are combined, it can create wonders in science and technology.
  • Electrical engineering has a number of sub-disciplines and specialisations available for students to choose. Students interested to explore those domains can opt for a BTech degree.

Universities abroad to study electrical engineering

  1. The University of Sydney
  2. University of Adelaide
  3. Auckland University of Technology
  4. University of Southern Queensland

BTech information technology

Information rules the world and our everyday lives. The faster the world of technology moves, the greater the demand for professionals with a good background in information technology.

As more and more information gets processed out into the outside world, there’s a higher requirement to secure it from any threat. Professionals with good skills and knowledge in IT are hired as network and IT security officers.

Look for information technology courses abroad.

Who can study BTech in information technology?

  • Students who are keen on dealing with information and varied opportunities that come along with it.
  • Students who think that IT is one area that will never disappoint them because it comes along with enormous challenges.

Universities abroad to study information technology

  1. Informatics Academy
  2. University of Bristol
  3. La Trobe University
  4. The University of Sydney
  5. University of Adelaide

BTech automobile/automotive engineering

Auto engineers always had a high demand in auto industries. The industry has tremendous potential and scope for young graduates who want to build a career in automotive or automobile technology.

Industries that specialise in motor sports constantly look for professionals with a graduate degree in automotive engineering.

Who can study BTech in automobile/automotive engineering?

  • Students who have a knack for sports often find it intriguing to work for leading sports companies after graduating with a BTech automotive.
  • Students with an inherent interest in vehicle engineering also look forward to study BTech in automotive engineering.
  • Those who are interested in vehicle engineering often find it easy to study automobile engineering. 
  • Creative approach and good presentation skills are must for this subject area. If you think you have all of that, then this is your field. 

Universities abroad to study automotive engineering

  1. Southern Institute of Technology
  2. Coventry University
  3. Birmingham City University
  4. Loughborough University

BTech biotechnology

Biotechnology is the branch of science that deals with all the micro and macro parts of our lives, starting from health, medicine, to diseases. This field has seen tremendous improvements over the past few decades, and has led to huge changes in lives of people in different parts of the world.

Who can study BTech in biotechnology?

  • Students who see themselves working in research laboratories, juggling various projects and working with leading industries and institutes in the world are suitable for this course.
  • Biotechnology is the subject of choice for the majority of students who have an academic bent of mind, and they are interested in dealing with various tools and techniques that bring positive changes in healthcare and medicine. 

Universities abroad to study biotechnology

  1. Centennial College
  2. La Trobe University
  3. University of Technology Sydney - UTS

BTech biomedical engineering

Biomedical engineering is a novel branch of science that combines the discipline of mathematics and engineering and biology to create new tools for solving medical problems.

Who can study BTech in biomedical engineering?

  • Students interested in biophysics and biochemistry of living beings are often inclined to study biomedical engineering.
  • Biomedical engineering offers a blend of knowledge between human conditions and technological advancements. So if you want to explore all extraordinary and ordinary circumstances that bridge the gap between science and human existence, then you can possibly look for a BTech in biomedical engineering. 

Universities abroad to study biomedical engineering

  1. Flinders University
  2. Centennial College
  3. The University of Sydney
  4. University of Glasgow
  5. Keele University 

There are other BTech course options that have rapidly evolved, over years, such as systems engineering, environmental engineering, mining engineering, nanotechnology engineering, materials science and mechatronics.

Now that we’ve given you a plethora of options, why don’t you choose one domain of engineering that you think is cut out for your profile and budget. Once you are done with that, you can speak to our study abroad counsellors. They will help you shortlist universities abroad that can give you more exposure and opportunities in your field of interest.

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