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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
02 Jun 2017 711 3 mins Share

Can I Change My Course After Already Applying to Uni?

Do you want to change your course after receiving your university offer letter? Follow our tips now – these cover all you need to know about course transfers!

02 Jun 2017 711 3 mins Share

And the answer is, yes-absolutely possible! But then- it may not work out to be quite as simple as it sounds. Sounds confusing, does it? Keep reading and we’ll explain in detail…

Student Ji- Lock Kiya Jaye?

First, let's get started with the ‘are-you-sure-about-this’ question.  We ask only because we don’t want you kicking yourself a couple of months down the line if switching courses turns out to be a BIG mistake and you want to switch back to what you opted before! Can’t say we didn’t warn you.

 Again even this may be possible…but it’s no walk in the park guys. Or in certain cases, may not possible at all- yikes! This is your academic future we are talking about- so please take caution. Research well and talk to professors and students to know exactly what this new course involves and to assess yourself on whether you will be able to do it.

What to research when applying for your graduate studies abroad?

Wouldn’t Count On It If We Were You

Here’ what the University of Bristol had to say…

“Our general advice to students tends to be to not to rely on being able to do so. Most universities do their best to accommodate transfers but this isn't always possible - particularly where the transfer would take the student onto a very competitive programme already full to capacity. For example, it would be unusual for someone to secure a transfer into medicine.

Where transfers can be accommodated, the general rule is the earlier the better - there is obviously a point beyond which too much teaching has been missed.”

Hear that guys? You are better off putting in more time into picking the right course in the beginning rather than run around in circles later.

Go Faaaast- No Speed Limits Here!

A few words that the University Of Chichester had to share about this…

“Generally we are open to transfers from either within the university, or from outside the university during the first year, subject to spaces being available and the applicant meeting the standard entry requirements for that particular course. As we run on a semester basis rather than in terms, the timing of transfers can be quite delicate as students will need to present a certain number of credits by the start of the semester. “

So basically- they ask you to keep in mind that time is of the essence- think slow and move fast. Plus make sure you run a check on the entry requirements as well.

Everything Comes at a Cost

Oh, and one more thing we hate to remind you of is- your finances! Does this new course run for a longer period of time than the other planned course? How much more does it cost? All this could impact your financial aid or if you are self-financing, then- your budget. We insist you to make some phone calls or write some emails and do what you need to do to get this checked out right away. 

OK- Let’s Get Down to Brass Tacks

If you’ve read through all the above and you’re still scrolling down this page- we understand that you are serious about this. So without further ado- we present to you the basic how to’s…

What you need to understand is that each university will have its own process and what we advise you to do is to talk to the Student Services of the uni- trust us- they are the best people to talk to for guidance right now. The procedure generally should be something along these lines…

  1. It will involve you talking to the head of your department about why you feel the need to change
  2. You will then need to talk to the head of the department in connection with your desired course to see if they accept transfers and to check if you meet their entry requirements
  3. Then finally- some paperwork to make it official. And ta da-with this-you should be done!

Of course be prepared to answer some big questions- it won’t be handed to you on a silver platter. You will have to convince them that this change is the right fit for you.

So get started now. We wish you luck. Do drop us a line or two if you have anything important to add to this or if you would like to get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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