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Deepak Srinivasan writes articles in his spare time for the website. He is a big cricket fan and enjoys painting in his free time.


12 Aug 2015 245 Book icon 2 mins Share

'English Vinglish' - How a Course can Change your Life!

This article is a fantastic comparison of the movie English Vinglish with the Students who are looking for studying abroad.

12 Aug 2015 245 Book icon 2 mins Share

Deepak Srinivasan writes articles in his spare time for the website. He is a big cricket fan and enjoys painting in his free time.


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'English Vinglish' - How a Course can Change your Life!

“English-Vinglish” - the movie:

I recently watched this movie called “English Vinglish”. This is a movie about an Indian lady who enrolls herself onto an English language course overseas and how it changes her life forever. The movie has received rave reviews all over India and continues to run to packed halls. 
In the movie Sridevi plays Shashi a Maharashtrian home maker who does not speak English fluently. She is constantly ridiculed for her poor language skills by her husband and her daughter. Shashi’s sister lives in New York. 
She invites Shashi’s family to come over to New York for her daughter’s wedding. It is agreed that Shashi will travel to New York a month earlier than her family to help her sister get everything organized for the wedding.  Shashi reluctantly agrees. 
Everyone who travels overseas for the first time has these nerves. One can imagine how someone who did not speak English would have felt in this case.  
In New York she enrolls herself into a conversational English (short) course. The English language institute promises to teach the language in four weeks and that fits into Shashi’s schedule perfectly. On the course she meets people from various countries including Pakistan, Ghana, China, Mexico and France. 


Flexible learning:

Institutions in countries like USA, UK and Australia offer flexible courses to suit learners. Even full-time courses have flexible schedules that give students the option to explore other professional and leisure pursuits.  Student groups at institutions overseas are usually made up of students from various countries. This multicultural experience is usually one of the most enriching aspects of these courses.  


Finding self-belief:

Each student in the class has a different reason for enrollment but Shashi’s objective is very clear. She wishes to earn the respect of her family. The final test on the course is a five minute speech that every student must give. Unfortunately, the date of the final test clashes with the wedding and Shashi is unable to attend. Shashi’s niece invites David the English teacher and her classmates for the wedding. At the wedding Shashi proposes a toast to the newly married couple in English. This surprises everyone and makes her family realize their mistake for continuously taunting her about her language.  It once again proves the old axiom - ‘It’s never too late to learn’!

Hotcourses India - Guiding Indian students:

This got me thinking about how important a course could be in someone’s life.  It also made me think about Hotcourses India’s mission and what we set out to achieve when we built this website. The aim was to build “the” website for Indian students intending to study overseas. A lot of it was drawn from personal experience of the founders who had all been students overseas.  A course could be a life-changing experience and it is important that students make an informed choice. We’d like to believe that we have built and continue to build features on the product that help students when they are making such an important decisions in their lives. 
For the last five years we have been helping students intending to study not just in “England-Vingland” but at a host of other countries as well. 
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