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Doodle Nandi

Doodle Nandi is a content editor for Hotcourses India- an IDP company, and helps write articles that help students with their study abroad journey.


16 Aug 2016 639 Book icon 2 mins Share

Is a Fast-track Degree Programme Abroad the Right Track for Me?

If you want to save money and time, then fast track is the right track for you!

16 Aug 2016 639 Book icon 2 mins Share
Doodle Nandi

Doodle Nandi is a content editor for Hotcourses India- an IDP company, and helps write articles that help students with their study abroad journey.


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Fast-track Degree Programme Abroad

Fast-track degree programmes A.K.A. accelerated degree programmes (bachelors, masters or doctoral) are designed to provide fast-paced, intense courses at different colleges and universities. These programmes are not new; in fact Indiana University’s first short-term study abroad programme was established in 1879.

An undergraduate degree abroad usually takes nearly 4 years to complete. A fast-track undergraduate degree could help you attain the same by roughly 3 years or less which means you can save an additional 1-year course fee. 

Do NOT be determined or let yourself be coaxed on getting usual college degrees when you face certain constraints – be monetary, family, personal or academic – and find it hard to cope with them.  

With rising student debt and tuition fees, across the world, various universities abroad have introduced fast-track programmes which will not only shorten the time of study but also help them eliminate tuition fees for an entire semester.

End result = You get equally benefited like a normal college graduate.

Pros of fast-track degree programmes!

  1. You get to opt for condensed course modules which will cover every topic included under usual modules for normal college degrees.
  2. You get to apply for jobs earlier. If your ultimate aim is to get a job after your undergraduate degree, fast-track programmes give you the push you need in your career ladder.
  3. You will avail a dual - undergraduate + post-graduate -degree at a lesser time span.
  4. You will earn dual course credits.
  5. You will get to study modules included for masters while studying your bachelors.
  6. You would use the extra time after college hours for internship, work, travel or leisure activities.

Cons of fast-track degree programmes!

  1. You may miss the fun of a normal college life; it depends on what kind of person you are.
  2. Accelerated degree programmes involve intense work and fewer holidays, depending on the field of study.
  3. You should be well prepared ahead all the time and ready to put extra efforts.

      4.  Admissions requirements will differ for each degree programmes so do your research            carefully about the programme you wish to study in.

Where to find fast-track programmes abroad?

Bond University, Australia, was the first to start offering a two-year fast-track programme, offering three semesters − January, May and September – in a year.

Following are various universities that offer fast-track degree programmes abroad:

  1. University of Central Missouri’s New University Campus
  2. Hartwick College, New York
  3. University of New Haven
  4. James Cook University, Singapore
  5. Curtin University of Technology, Singapore
  6. MDIS, Singapore
  7. University of Buckingham
  8. University of Gloucestershire (Law and Business Management)
  9. Greenwich School of Management
  10. University of Northampton
  11. Plymouth University
  12. Staffordshire University
  13. Deakin University
  14. University of Queensland
  15. Middlesex University
  16. Anglia Ruskin University

Can I apply?

If you are not sure what is your next move after completing your high school or college, then definitely this programme is not for you. This is more for futuristic students whose ultimate aim is to get a job, with a sound degree. If you are one of them, then you are on the right track!

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