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Antony Chacko
11 Aug 2015 4.1K 2 mins Share

Jewellery Making - Sparkling Career Abroad!

Dream to become a Jeweller? An article about the exciting careers in jewellery designs for Indian students.

11 Aug 2015 4.1K 2 mins Share
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Those with an artistic bend of mind, a creative flair and a love for jewellery are now taking up jewellery designing as a profession. It helps immensely if your passion for the art is backed by sound professional training.

The market is ripe with opportunities for budding jewellery designers and more people want jewellery not as a representation of financial security but to make a fashion statement. In this scenario, a qualification in the art acquired abroad from an accredited university will expose you to the international market and global trends.

You can either do a diploma course in jewellery design after school, or back your undergraduate degree with a postgraduate degree in jewellery design from a reputed university abroad.

The study level options available in jewellery design are:

  • Certificate programme
  • Diploma
  • Advanced Diploma
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Masters’ degree

Requirements for a qualification abroad

Most colleges who recruit international students for their jewellery design courses look for either an IELTS or TOEFL score (as applicable), an advanced diploma if you are applying for bachelor’s study, a baccalaureate degree if applying for a postgraduate degree, and a sense for design.

What the courses teach you

Most of the jewellery design courses offered abroad provide you a holistic training experience and let you explore the nuances of jewellery making and design. Some of the leading universities in the UK, USA and Australia offer balanced programmes covering the development of original design ideas and initial concepts to the finely crafted finished work; a strong emphasis is placed on the development of individual craft and design skills that increasingly allow each student the freedom to pursue and realise ideas in appropriate media.

Other aspects taught include:

  • business and related issues which provide the foundation for professional development
  • engraving techniques
  • stone cutting
  • The whole process of how to drill, files, weld and shape materials, to polishing and setting precious and semi-precious stones in the finished product.

Where to study jewellery designing 

Some leading institutions which offer jewellery design courses are:

A broad range of career opportunities await qualified jewellery designers- you can either work for a jewellery designing house, an export house , a fashion house , freelance for any of the above or start your own boutique.

With a sizzling growth of the organised jewellery industry, striking job openings and exciting entry-level salaries, it’s never been a better time to consider jewellery designing as a career preference!

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