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Antony Chacko
20 Jul 2015 919 2 mins Share

How to prepare for a postgraduate course in management in the UK

Expert advice by Annalaura Marini who teaches Marketing Management at University of Bristol

20 Jul 2015 919 2 mins Share
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Want to have an "expert view" on Management? Read on... Annalaura Marini who teaches Marketing Management at University of Bristol discusses below the popularity of the subject among students, career options and funding opportunities.

Q. What are the main objectives of this course?

A. The MSc Management is designed to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge sought by today's employers, whatever their final career. The programme aims to develop innovative, creative and entrepreneurial people who are able to combine applied management techniques drawn from a range of disciplines such as business strategy, accounting, marketing, organisational behaviour with the  key interpersonal skills needed by organisations today.
The Marketing Management unit begins with an introduction to Marketing in the Twenty-first Century and then covers the following areas:
• the importance of building customer satisfaction through quality, service, and value;
• the formulation of an effective marketing strategy for organizational success;
• the importance of in-depth marketing analysis: to include customer analysis, competitor analysis, and company analysis;
• the marketing mix  to include product strategy, pricing, advertising and promotion, and distribution;
• the management and delivery of the total marketing effort;
• the use of a step by step procedure to develop a comprehensive marketing plan.

Q. Is this a popular course amongst Indian students? How many Indian students do you have on this course?

A. Yes, MSc Management is popular with Indian students. Without exception, all Indian students on this programme have opted to take the Marketing Management unit.

Q. What qualities do you think students need in order to succeed on this course?

A. Marketing is largely a pragmatic subject – although there are theories, and they will be covered during classes, this course is probably a bit more practical than some of the others students have done so far.  The concepts behind marketing aren’t that difficult to understand, but putting them into practice requires creativity and flair.

Q. What advice would you give to Indian students who are applying to enroll?

A. I would advise Indian students to be open minded and prepared to put your creativity to the test.

Q. What career options are open to Indian graduates from this course?

A. Knowledge of Marketing Management will place students in a position where they will gain employability in a vast number of industries.

Q. Are there any companies that have recruited students who have completed this course? 

A. Amongst others; IPC Media (Publishing, UK), Thirty Three (Marketing & Advertising Industry, UK) and Ekkeshi Consultants (Media Planners, CY).

Q. How does the course prepare students for the professional world and/or further study?

A. The insights and skills students acquire through studying marketing are applicable to a variety of organizations and positions
Rationale for marketing – business needs happy customers who will return and give additional custom in order to succeed.  The customer pays money to get the product or service that satisfies needs and wants.  So marketing is a set of activities that influence choice; this can be choice of product, holiday, which museum to visit, or even the choice to stop smoking. Value creation for firms, organizations, and customers will never grow out of fashion.

Q. Any notable Indian alumni?

A. We have a number of Indian alumni working in senior positions at very well-known companies.

Q. Are there any funding opportunities available for Indian students who are applying to enroll?

A. Not specifically, but students who want to enroll on this course can apply to funding offered by the International Office of Bristol University.

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