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Study Abroad: Top 10 subjects with high employability
Gayathri Gopakumar

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Study Abroad: Top 10 subjects with high employability

Confused about what subject to study abroad? Here’s a list of top 10 subjects to study abroad for a bright future

08 Mar 2019 75.5K Book icon 5 mins Share
Study Abroad: Top 10 subjects with high employability

Does it surprise you that the number of Indian students who study abroad has surged in the past years? The numbers have gone up by 28% in New Zealand, 16.8% in Australia and 28% in the UK!

Well, who wouldn’t want to study abroad, right? Imagine learning under culturally diverse, research-driven faculty… Imagine using those state-of-the-art labs and quaint inexhaustible libraries… Imagine getting international exposure and hands-on work experience. Above all, imagine your jump in employability once you study abroad! 

Now, let’s come to deciding what to study abroad. We understand, it’s absolutely natural to want to choose THE perfect subject – especially when you invest significant time and money into it. But if a myriad of choices across the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Malaysia and Singapore – how does one decide? Now is when we enter the stage. Here’s all you need to know about the popular subjects to study abroad, which has promising career options. 

Bachelors in agricultural science 

Bachelor's in agricultural science gives you exposure into the basics of agriculture and includes a mix of outdoor fieldwork and classroom education. 

Few of the modules that you’ll cover include agricultural technology, Agricultural markets and pricing, soil ecosystem lab, agribusiness management, GPS and precision agriculture, research methods and management principles.

A degree in agricultural science opens numerous career options for you. Microbiologist, agricultural analyst, farm manager, food scientist and marketing expert are few of the roles you can take up after studies.

Top universities to study agriculture are:

1. University of Western Australia (Aus)

2. University of Otago (New Zealand)

3. The University of Melbourne (Aus)

Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering is becoming a very popular programme among universities and colleges around the world in their natural sciences department. Biomedical engineers use their engineering and technology background to develop vaccines, improve pharmaceutical drugs and build robots that help during surgery. 

The bachelor’s degree is typically 4-years long and you’ll study both generic subjects like Maths, physics, chemistry and computer programming as well as core subjects such as circuit design, fluid and solid mechanics, molecular biology and genetics. 

According to US industry standards, a biomedical engineer starts at an average salary of USD 44,000.

Cyber security 

Cyber security programmes are quite popular in Australia - considering the growing demand in the job market for professionals who can tackle threats to sensitive information security in the modern digital world. 

During the programme, you’ll study in-depth about the fundamentals of cyber security, forensics of cyber securities, investigation and response, hacker techniques and managing information assurance – to name few.

Security architect, information security analyst, security software developer and chief information security officer are few of the many career options awaiting you post your cyber security studies. 

Top universities to study cyber security are:

1. University of New South Wales - UNSW (Aus)

2. The University of Adelaide (Aus)

3. University of Washington (US)

Data science

Data rules the world. It is the hottest field of the era. Maths, Science, IT and everything is based on data. In fact, according to the International Data Corp., the volume of data is increasing on a global scale every two years. So it’s not really surprising that organisations are ever in-need of professionals who are specialise in mining the data mining or analysing big data data and strategise based on the results.

In the programme, you’ll gain expert knowledge in data science tools and technology, application of data science, big data track, visual analytics, business analytics and data mining. 

Once you complete your postgraduate study abroad, you may choose any of these as your career options: Data analyst, data scientist, business analyst, data architect, applications architect and many more.  

Computer science 

Master’s programmes in computer science and computer engineering are very popular in the UK and the US. All most all organisations – be it corporate, private or government sectors - have an IT wing and and its specialists are in demand across the globe.

As a computer science student you’ll be given deep insights into computational theory and practice, Network architecture, security and language; operating system analysis; software theory and algorithms; and internet protocols.

In terms of career prospects, your future looks bright as there’s a projected growth in both opportunities as well as salary packages in the field of computer science. After your studies, you can take up the role of a computer systems analyst, a software developer or a database administrator. Among postgraduate degrees, computer science and engineering is the 15th highest-paid degree, according to report 2016.

Computer science field also includes computer game designing. Students pursuing this course follow career options such as, computer game designing, animation and graphics programming.

Top universities to study computer science are:

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US)

2. King's College London, University of London (UK)

3. The University of Melbourne (Aus)

Information technology

Information technology (or just IT as it is more popularly known) involves using network systems, internet and databases to store, share or transmit data and information. In your programme, you’ll learn topics including hardware and software design, data programming, business and social impact of information technology, network management and web programming.

As an IT professional, you’ll be busy developing information security systems, designing computer systems and establishing local area network – and more.

Computer and information systems manager; network and computer system administrator; and computer and information systems manager are few of the many career options in store for IT graduates who study abroad. 

Aviation technology

We know that a lot of you guys dream of flying or managing aircrafts and taking up courses like pilot training, aviation management, aeronautics and so on. Well, it’s one the best fields to study abroad. This is a demanding, yet a promising field. You’re more likely to earn attractive salaries and fancy perks in the aviation industry. 

The aviation technology encompasses different programmes that deal with both mechanics and aerodynamics. During your study, you’ll explore the concepts of navigation, safety and security features, electrical systems, air pressure patterns and turbine engines – to name a few.

Top universities to study aviation technology are:

1. University of Leeds (UK)

2. University of Cincinnati (USA)

3. Dublin Institute of Technology (Ireland)

Mechanical engineering

If you’re fascinated by the mechanism of pretty much everything around you and basically how machines work, then this subject is for you.  Mechanical engineering involves application of physics and mathematics to work on everything from the smallest of tools to complex generators.

As a mechanical engineer student, you’re modules will involve energy and machine mechanisms such as fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, manufacturing processes, materials and system designs. You may also learn modules from other engineering programmes such as computer science engineering or industrial engineering.

After your studies, you can take up roles of a mechanical engineer or a mechanical engineer technician in a wide variety of fields in the production or manufacturing doman such as industrial, automotive or energy fields.

Business management 

A programme in business management will train you to oversee and manage business operations like managing accounts of clients in an organisation, preparing tax returns and leading teams. 

As a business management student, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge in subjects of marketing, human resource management, international business finance, business analytics, accounting and business policy – to name a few. It’s very likely that business management programmes offer internships or study abroad options – giving you exposure and hands-on industry experience. 

Few of the job roles that you can take on after your studies include account executive, business development specialist and business analyst. 

Top universities to study business management are:

1. The University of Sydney (Aus)

2. University of Toronto (Canada)

3. National University of Singapore (Singapore)

Accounting and finance 

Pursuing accounting and finance programmes not just prepares you to be a specialist in the field but also opens up avenues in any other fields as a finance consultant. For example, after your studies your options include roles of a chartered accountant, company secretary and stock broker. Additionally, as an accounting and finance expert, you’ll also be in demand in the industries of actuary, retail banking, tax advising and economy analysis. 

You’ll learn corporate finance, asset markets, financial reporting, accounting strategy, investor relations and many more. 

Top universities to study accounting and finance are:

1. University of Glasgow (UK)

2. University of Alberta (Canada)

3. University College Dublin (Ireland)

Additionally, according to Forbes, these are the programmes that will rule the world by 2022:

  • Robotics
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Hospitality Management
  • 3-D Printing Design
  • Aerospace Engineering and
  • Liberal Arts 

There, we’ve given you a glimpse into all the popular subjects to study abroad that have bright career prospects. Once you’ve zeroed in on your choice of study, you’ll have to start with your admission process which involves taking up IELTS or/and GMAT/GRE.

 Here’s how you can prepare for IELTS and score a band 9 

Right from choosing a study destination and university to sorting out your admissions and visa process - we are here to get it all taken care for you. All you need to do is drop a line in our chat box below and our expert guides will get in touch with you right away. Alternatively, check out our FAQs for more information. So what’s the delay? Find your study abroad options with us NOW! 

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