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MSc in Data Science and MSc in Digital Marketing abroad!
Gayathri Gopakumar

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5 Reasons why must study an MSc in Data Science and MSc in Digital Marketing abroad!

This article explains why pursuing an MSc in Data Science and MSc in Digital Marketing abroad is an enjoyable ride that boost your career prospects

10 Jul 2019 487 Book icon 4 mins Share
MSc in Data Science and MSc in Digital Marketing abroad!

Are you double minded about pursuing an MSc in Digital Marketing abroad and MSc in Data Science?  Doubt if you’ll find them interesting? Well, if you’re someone with an analytical mindset and a liking towards data and technology, then we’ll give you not one, but FIVE reasons to enjoy the MSc in Digital Marketing abroad.

Let’s start with some of the most fascinating quick facts about the field: A whopping 2.5 QUINTILLION bytes of data is produced every single day! Bet you didn’t know that! From every ‘swipe’ you make to every ‘like’ you hit – data is being created at paces that make the digital world explode. So, what happens to it after? Interesting, isn’t it? 

You see why these are thrilling and sensational times for those of you interested in digital marketing and data science? Be it an MSc in Digital Marketing or an MSc in Data Science, your career prospects seem to be bright. This is because digital marketing is revolutionalised by data science and both of these fields provide an exciting advantage to brands and businesses.

Now let’s take a quick look at why you’ll enjoy studying MSc in Digital Marketing abroad, along with testimonies of digital marketing students Fabian Cabrera and Yousra Saddi:

1. Experiencing the latest technologies and innovation

In early 2019, a LinkedIn study showed that hard skills pertaining to digital technologies such as cloud computing, UX design, artificial intelligence and analytical reasoning – are the most sought-after skills among top companies and employers. 

Several universities introduce modules and degree programmes to help you understand the inner workings of coding, algorithms, machine learning with Python. 

Student speak: “I wanted to attend a programme that goes beyond the fundamentals of digital marketing and blends it with data science… The MSc in Digital Marketing programme stimulates students’ curiosity and interests,” said Fabian.

2. Putting knowledge into practice

MSc in Digital Marketing and MSc in Data Science are programmes that offer plenty of scope for experiential learning. Its curriculum will involve opportunities such as group projects and mini hackathons that help you develop your holistic strategy and outlook.   

Student speak: Yousra explained that, as part of her programme, she has just started working on an in-company consulting project where she works to handle a mission presented by a company. “The purpose of this project is to identify the project scope, deliverables and recommendations,” added Yousra.

“Participating in this course and attending the group projects pushed me to gain a deeper understanding of the user experience design. It also helped me adopt a new mindset making the best use of innovation, technology and creativity willing to take the user experience to the next level,” she said.

3. Building professional network

Leaving aside the benefits of being taught by some of the most successful professionals in the field, pursing an MSc in Digital Marketing abroad also helps you build a valuable professional network and contacts in the industry.

These innovative programmes attract successful and dynamic individuals from around the world. So, making the right connections with your peers, visiting scholars and professors will always help you stand out from the rest. After all, the world is full of connections. Pull the right strings and you’ll flourish.

Student speak: “My network now has connections from Paris, Lyon, Boston, and Shanghai, and I’m really looking forward to connecting with influential people all over the globe. I’ve expanded my network and had the opportunity to meet other students. They helped me develop a global mindset and aided me in improving teamwork, and I was also able to interact with leading executives from around the world,” said Yousra.

4. Hear it straight from the horse’s mouth

When you enroll into an MSc in Digital Marketing abroad, you are have the opportunity to gain exposure and knowledge from faculty who are industry experts. Most universities bring in subject specialists with actual field experience for guest lectures and visits. Who better to learn from than a professional in the industry?

The schools also, to an extent, use the industry experts to design the programme curriculum and modules that reflect the industry standards – so that students on graduation, are equipped with knowledge suitable for a career environment.  

Student speak: “We have the opportunity to attend classes taught by professionals with a deep understanding of the industry and market trends. Thanks to their experience, we are able to get clear examples and cases related to the subject of specialisation,” opines Fabian.

5. Skills to rule the digital job market

Did you know that nine out of 10 jobs in the future will demand digital skills in employees? With a staggering growth in the digital age, the demand for data literate people skilled and trained in digital marketing skills is set to see a sharp hike.

By pursuing MSc in Digital Marketing abroad, you’ll hone digital skills that will put you in demand for the future – thereby securing your career. It is a golden ticket, if you’re looking to flourish in a lucrative and thriving industry.

Student speak: “The resources the program offers will provide me with a better understanding of the current trends and therefore help me overcome managerial boundaries and optimize my digital marketing strategies. It will, undoubtedly, benefit me not only on an educational and professional level but also on a personal one,” said Yousra.

Now that you’re convinced why taking up this programme can turn out lucrative and exciting, your next step will be to look at suitable universities. Here are few popular universities that offer MSc in Digital Marketing abroad:

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