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22 Aug 2017 282 1 min Share

Computer Science or Information Technology: which is the right degree for me abroad? [Infographic]

Confused between a degree in computer science and information technology abroad? Which one appeals more to you? Given a choice, which degree would you add in to your list – CS or IT?

22 Aug 2017 282 1 min Share
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study computer science or information technology abroad

Computer science nerds might sometimes get worked up thinking that they should opt for a degree in IT or any other related degrees. Or perhaps a student aspiring to study IT might start reconsidering his/her plans, thinking they should study computer science or any other related degrees. So if you see, the question ‘if you should study computer science or IT abroad?’ has been doing rounds for a while.

The below infographic shows a comparison between a degree in computer science and information technology, to help you understand what you need to exactly follow (Source: Rasmussen College). Though, oftentimes, both degrees appear similar there are some small differences, which Rasmussen College has clearly pointed out to help you select the one (either CS or IT) that’s in line with your interest.

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Look at the bigger picture!

Some stats indicate that the popular IT jobs in the current market include software applications developer, network systems administrators, information security analyst, database administrator, management analyst, IT project manager and information security analyst.

As per, the average salary of IT jobs ranges between $75,000 and $101,500, depending on the job role and years of experience the employees acquire.

According to Robert Walter’s global salary survey, in Singapore the IT sector will be driving the bulk of recruitment activity in 2017 and the demand for such jobs will remain high due to the rising number of MNCs.

Business Insider’s predictions are promising too, stating that Computer and Information Systems Managers will have a good career, with nearly 54000 new positions by 2024; Computer Systems Analysts will have a long run, with nearly 118,000 new positions by 2024. And Software Applications Developers will have nearly 135,000 new positions by 2024.

So the answer to the question ‘CS or IT – which is the right degree for me abroad?’ lies in what you want to do with the degree and where you want to go in next few years.  

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