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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
25 Aug 2015 89 3 mins Share

FAQs on Studying in the UK

Think higher education in the UK’s lost its shine? The UK is home to a whopping 203,000 international students so we HAVE to disagree with you here!!

25 Aug 2015 89 3 mins Share

Gobsmacked by the number are you? No reason to be- the UK is a popular destination among Indian students too and will give you an international student experience like none other.

Q- Why the Land of Mary Poppins?

It’s really not that hard to see why. But hey- if you need to hear them anyway…here are a few reasons of the many maaaany… first for their yummy Fish ‘n’ Chips (!) and next…

  1. The UK is home to some of the world’s best universities such as Cambridge and Oxford, Imperial College London, University College London, University of Edinburgh, King’s College London, and University of Manchester. And psstt…here are the unis in the UK with the most Indian students if you are worried about feeling out of place- University of Bedfordshire; University of Greenwich; Middlesex University; Cardiff University; University of East London; Sheffield Hallam University; University of Salford; University of Hertfordshire; Northumbria University; and Liverpool John Moores University.
  2. Plus-London alone has more than 45 unis (you heard right), all with world-class faculties; internationally recognised qualifications; and cutting-edge research. Many of the world’s best unis are located in London city- in fact THE top 40 unis includes four from the city.
  3. Plus who wants a study experience just of doing assignments and listening to lectures? In the UK…you will get the opportunity to learn from and really experience your surroundings- Scotland, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland- all of it -with its beauty, culture, landscape, and history, will really bring life to your student experience.
  4. Studying here is affordable- contrary to whatever you may have heard. Here we are with a few numbers for you to see what we mean…


Average annual undergraduate UK fees per year:

  • Foundation programmes : £4,000 to £12,000
  • Arts programmes: £7,000 to £9,000
  • Science programmes: £7,500 to £22,000
  • Clinical programmes: £10,000 to £25,000

Average annual postgraduate UK course fees per year:

  • Arts and humanities programmes: £7,000 to £12,000
  • Science programmes: £7,500 to £25,000
  • Clinical programmes: £10,000 to £33,000
  • MBA: £4,000 to more than £34,000


Q- I’m lost-Can you tell me how to apply?          

At the undergrad level, you have to fill out UCAS forms. This is how it is for most undergrad programmes in unis- with a few exceptions that let you apply directly.

At the postgrad level, fill out the application form from the uni site that is specified for international students.

Or if the uni has a local rep, get in touch with them for details.


Q- I’m so new at this-what kind of a visa process does the UK have?

Your visa applications have to be done on the IM2A forms- available at the British Embassies free of cost. Once you’re done with the form- submit it to the embassy along with the required fee and documentation.


You will need your acceptance letter from your chosen uni along with financial documents as well- proving you can fund yourself for your stay there.


Q- How much would student life in the UK dent my wallet?

This depends a LOT on the area you choose to live in… if you choose let’s say London- then GBP 7,200 per year; for other areas it could come up to GBP 5,400 per year.


Q- Help-I need some financial assistance. Are scholarships a possibility in the UK?

Though a bit tough in the UK…finding a scholarship is still doable. You will find scholarships, though mostly only at the postgraduate level. There are Government scholarships, private scholarships, course- specific scholarships, merit-based scholarships….you just need to do your research well and start applying to these as early as you can.


Here are a few popular ones…

Government Scholarships…

  • Chevening Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Scholarships

UK University Scholarships…

  • Gates Cambridge Scholarships
  • Rhodes Scholarships at University of Oxford
  • University of Birmingham Scholarships for International Students
  • ISH-London Met Scholarship Scheme
  • Bristol University International Office Scholarships
  • University of West London International Ambassador Scholarships
  • University of West England Global Student Scholarships


Q- Out of curiosity- what are the minimum IELTS/TOEFL scores that are accepted generally across UK institutions?

Well- you’d have to have a minimum of 6.0 on your IELTS/ 80 on the iBT TOEFL.


Q- Can you tell me a bit about the different kind of degrees available there?

Across over 150 of its educational institutions, the UK offers these degrees for international students…

  • Bachelors Degrees or First Degree Courses in Arts and Sciences that take up three to four years of your student life span. These could be inclusive of a short thesis as well.
  • Sandwich Courses are those that combine practical and course work. You could finish two years of college, then complete a year of training and then return to your final year. Or you could just finish four years of your course and then take a three to six month training.
  • The HND or the Higher National Diploma is a two year programme in vocational subjects.
  • Vocational courses help you enter uni life slowly. Once you are done with your one or two year programme, you can transfer to your desired UK uni.
  • Masters courses usually last for one year or in SOME cases two years. Doctorate completion will come to at least three years.


Q- Can I get like a checklist of what to look out for while looking for study options in the UK?

Sure- here you go…

  • When is the last date of application for the programme?
  • Do you meet entry requirements?
  • Do the tuition and accommodation fee fall in your budget range?
  • Are there options of financial aid?
  • Does the School have the kind of facilities you need for hands-on learning?
  • What do other students have to say about the School or the course?
  • Are the courses industry-relevant or research-informed?


So get started right away…begin your search now. Still have more questions? Yes? No? Don’t worry-we are here to answer all of them- JUST give us a call on our toll-free numbers-  1-800-103-9634 or 1-800-103-2581 and we will take care of EVERYTHING from choosing the right uni to booking your flight out to the UK! 

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