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Antony Chacko

Antony used to be a Product Manager with us and occasionally has written articles for our study abroad aspirants. When not at work you'd find him at the theaters watching movies.


17 Aug 2015 1.8K Book icon 2 mins Share

Study Mechanical Engineering in Sweden

An article about studying mechanical engineering in Sweden for the Indian students. It also describes the job opportunities involved in this study.

17 Aug 2015 1.8K Book icon 2 mins Share
Antony Chacko

Antony used to be a Product Manager with us and occasionally has written articles for our study abroad aspirants. When not at work you'd find him at the theaters watching movies.


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Study Mechanical Engineering in Sweden

Sweden, home to the Nobel Prize, has many highly acclaimed universities offering accredited international programmes in engineering, as well as a number of large multinational corporations who have become global success stories. The strong links and collaborations between the two sectors make it an ideal study destination for an international student.

Mechanical engineering as a subject is quite popular among Indian students and studying abroad will give you an international perspective. There are different areas of specialisation you can choose at the master’s level. Popular specialisations in the subject include:

Aerospace Engineering

The course imparts good theoretical skills in aerospace modelling, analysis and design. Graduates are equipped with the ability to approach and solve complex engineering tasks, and gain experience of project work and teamwork in an international environment.

Engineering Design

The programme is structured to enhance the student’s basic skills as well as to give an introduction to various aspects of engineering design.

Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Mechanics include all parts of an industrial design process that is based on advanced mechanical analysis of product behaviour and functionality. It has become an important part of the design process for a large range of products.

Naval Architecture

Naval architecture is a multi-disciplinary subject with a strong emphasis on systems engineering. A naval architect needs knowledge about the complete processes of conception, design, implementation and operation of boats, ships and other marine installations.

Production Engineering and Management

This course is usually made up of the following modules: Production Technology, Production Management, Integrated Production and Process development, and Industrial IT Systems Design.

Sustainable Energy Engineering

The purpose of this course is to provide state-of-the-art education in the fields of solar energy, power generation, and energy utilisation in the built environment by means of economically and environmentally sustainable systems and technologies. Strong emphasis is placed on dealing with energy engineering tasks with due consideration of technical, environmental and socio-economic issues.

Vehicle or Automotive Engineering

Vehicle Engineering is a broad subject of engineering science driven by an ever increasing degree of mobility in the world. Transport, however, has to face the challenge to minimise the environmental impact it causes. New technical solutions are therefore needed in the future to make a transition to sustainable road and rail transport. The courses in automotive engineering focus on structural design, functional design, control design and transport systems.

General entry requirements

For entry to a master's study programme, the minimum requirement is a four-year bachelor's degree, or a bachelor's degree followed by a master's degree. Some, but not all, study programmes require for that first degree to be in a related field.

In addition to this, Indian students need to demonstrate proficiency in English by means of an internationally recognised test, e. g. TOEFL, IELTS or the equivalent. Check the website of the university where you would like to study for more information about language requirements.

Where to study?

Some of the leading Swedish universities and university colleges which offer master’s degrees in mechanical engineering are:

  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology
  • Chalmers University of Technology
  • Lund University
  • Blekinge Institute of Technology

Why study in Sweden?

Swedish education is primarily problem based and the student projects are often conducted in close cooperation with industrial companies. Students benefit immensely from learning with teachers who are deeply involved in industrial research projects.The programmes are based on lectures, assignments, simulations and experiments, to provide crucial real-time experience to students.


The Swedish Institute, a government organisation, provides over 500 scholarships each year (mostly for the master’s programmes) for overseas students and researchers coming to pursue further education at Swedish universities. Many Swedish universities also offer scholarships to overseas students wishing to study in Sweden. You can contact the universities directly for more information about these scholarships.

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