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Scope of Studying Computer Engineering in Malaysia

This article will look at some of the leading institutions in Malaysia offering a computer engineering degree and its scope.

Mahesh Ramani

UUM offers excellent academic opportunities to students across different subject categories. The University is well-known for its PhD programmes in Computer Science and Information Technology.

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Malaysia has taken a leaf out of its neighbor Singapore’s book and is working on an ambitious project to become the nucleus of academic learning in the region. The EduCity Project in Iskandar – Malaysia – aims to create a world-class learning center where leading institutions from around the world will have state-of-the-art campuses.
A brief description extracted from the EduCity website – “EduCity comprises universities and institutes of higher education, academia industry action and R&D centres, student accommodations, as well as recreational and sports facilities. It is the first of its kind in Asia.”
This article will look at some of the leading institutions in Malaysia offering a computer engineering degree. The country’s highest-ranking institution in the 2012/13 QS World University Rankings is Universiti Malaya (UM) at 156. Also in the world’s top 500 are Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (261), Universiti Sains Malaysia (326), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (358) Universiti Putra Malaysia (360), and International Islamic University Malaysia.

Universiti Malaya (UM)

UM is Malaysia’s leading university as per QS World Rankings and offers four year full-time study engineering programmes in Computer Engineering and Computer Systems Engineering. Both courses are extremely popular and use a project-based structure to teach students how to learn on their own, work in teams, and synthesize new engineering solutions by using their knowledge and analytical skills.

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)

UKM offers a four-year full-time Bachelor of Engineering (Communication and Computer Engineering) programme. The programme focuses on subjects like mathematics, engineering sciences, together with computer programming, engineering drawing and English.

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

UTM offers an innovative BSc Computer Science (Software Engineering) programme. The course focuses on software creation, analysis and design and is a good option as an undergraduate option and can be used as a basis for a relevant postgraduate course in computer software studies.  

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)

UTAR offers a three-year full-time programme Bachelor of Information Technology (Hons) Computer Engineering and the Bachelor of Information Systems (Hons) Information Systems Engineering.  These courses are comprehensive and focus on the elements of computer engineering and information systems engineering, respectively. UTAR has achieved Tier 5 (Excellent) for the Discipline-Based Rating System (D-SETARA) for Engineering in Malaysia.

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)

UPM offers the Bachelor of Engineering in Computer System and Communication. This course combines concepts from computer systems design and communications technology.  This course is also finding favour among students as it gives them more flexibility in future career-options.  

Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)

UUM is another pioneering institution in Malaysia offering excellent academic opportunities to students across subject categories. UUM is extremely popular for its PhD programmes in Computer Science and Information Technology. Research at UUM focuses on topics like software architecture and design, open source technologies, software security, testing and validation and much more.

Student Life in Malaysia:

Malaysia is primarily an Islamic country with Malay as the most commonly spoken language; most people speak a fair bit of English as well. The past decade has seen the gradual growth in popularity of Malaysia as a preferred study abroad destination. UNESCO rates Malaysia as the 11th most popular study destination. A number of international institutions of repute like the University of Southampton, University of Nottingham and Curtin University have satellite campuses in Malaysia and offer students excellent courses at affordable prices.
Malaysia is a foodie’s delight and one can sample food from all major international cuisines. If you love travelling and adventure sports then you can choose from sea-surfing, scuba-diving and trekking. With impressive malls and quaint little shops, Malaysia is a perfect mix of the traditional and the modern. The close proximity to Singapore is another added advantage of living and studying in Malaysia.
Higher education in Malaysia is in an exciting new phase. With a strong network of existing universities; and the EduCity project is likely to be fully operational by end 2016 students will be able to pick from a variety of courses across subject categories. Malaysia is comparatively slightly less expensive than Singapore and has a sizeable Indian community as well. View the list of Malaysian universities and pick a relevant computer engineering course of your choice. You may also wish to read our article on studying computer engineering courses in Singapore.
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