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Mahesh Ramani
20 Jul 2015 3K 2 mins Share

Scope of Studying Computer Engineering in Singapore

Check out the article to know why students prefer Singapore to study computer engineering course.

20 Jul 2015 3K 2 mins Share
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In a quest for a top-notch computer science engineering degree from the USA or the UK one often tends to forget a destination that’s much closer and offers excellent and affordable education.  The Ministry of Education, Singapore is working in close partnership with leading institutions in Singapore to help promote the country as a viable study abroad destination from students in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc. This article examines the leading institutions in Singapore offering computer science engineering courses.
In Singapore, the race to decide who offers the fines computer science engineering course is a neck-to-neck race between the National University of Singapore (NUS) and Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Both of these institutions offer an excellent study environment backed by well-qualified lecturers and a state-of-the-art research and learning facilities. Additionally, both institutions have academic partnerships with leading institutions from around the world and also have industry partnerships, which allow students to stay abreast of the latest updates in the world of technology.
At NUS the Department of Computer Science offers the Bachelor of Computer Engineering programme. With a comprehensive course curriculum that covers concepts of hardware, software, information processing, networking and data management the course is known for its intense study modules and associated internships.
At NTU, the School of Computer Engineering was established in 1988. The Bachelor of Computer Engineering programme is designed to create technical experts who can make a career in computers and IT. With a strong focus on various modules of computer science and information technology the four-year course is extremely popular among international students.
In addition to these undergraduate courses in computer science engineering, both institutions offer research opportunities in computer engineering. Research areas include topics like virtual reality, human computing, advanced game design, geometric modeling, cyber-security and much more.
The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) is a relatively new entrant in Singapore with some exciting academic partnerships. SUTD has close ties with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Zhejiang University (ZJU).
SUTD offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Information Systems Technology and Design (ISTD). The courses include modules in database systems, advanced software and hardware engineering, cloud computing and much more. These courses cover a niche area that blend design and engineering concepts and are slowly gaining popularity for their in-depth and varied course-material.   
Studying in Singapore is a wonderful experience as it recreates the atmosphere of all neighbouring Asian countries and one never feels as if one is in a new land. You may regularly here someone speak in Hindi, Tamil, Urdu or Sinhalese. With a powerful public transport system and the availability of a ‘Student Pass’ travel is a breeze. With easy access to neighbouring countries like Thailand, Cambodia and Laos the tourist in you can explore the delights of these destinations on holidays.
In Singapore, laws are strict and the city-state is clean and meticulously well-maintained, there is an obsessive quest for discipline and cleanliness. Recently a mini-riot started in a suburb and the police were quick to clamp down on the area and arrest the offenders. So ensure that you do not break laws – remember you cannot carry / eat chewing gum or bubble gum in Singapore. How’s that for an interesting and fun-fact?
What attracts students to Singapore is that the medium of instruction is English and the courses are attractively priced when compared to similar courses in the USA, UK or Australia; plus one is able to save money on travel/air-fares as well.


With the demand for well-trained computer engineers increasing, you might want to consider Singapore as a quality and affordable destination for your studies. Also read our article on career options for computer engineering graduates! 

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