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Is it worth doing a PG Diploma in Canada
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18 Sep 2018 25.3K Book icon 3 mins Share

Is it worth doing a postgraduate diploma in Canada?

Are you questioning the value of doing a PG diploma in Canada? Or are you stuck between two choices –should I pursue an MS or PG diploma from a Canadian Institute?

18 Sep 2018 25.3K Book icon 3 mins Share
Is it worth doing a PG Diploma in Canada

You’re probably reading this because you’ve your eyes set on Canada. You’ve made a decision to study in Canada for various reasons. The country has been welcoming people from all parts of the world and ensures that people from every background feel at home. It has been helping millions settle in the country, regardless of their country of origin, and help them find employment.

Canadian institutes offer several opportunities for students from all over the world – in terms of career-oriented courses, internships and jobs, affordable study options and a varied number of disciplines.

Look for top universities in Canada

Often students choose either a postgraduate diploma or postgraduate certificate or postgraduate in Canada. We talk about the importance of a postgraduate diploma in Canada.

As you know, a PG diploma is a shortened version of a postgraduate degree and is often offered by community colleges. It consists of lesser credit points and is somewhat similar to postgraduate certificates.

The choice of selecting a postgraduate diploma or postgraduate degree in Canada depends on various factors:

  1. Are you looking at a short-term stay and study option in Canada?
  2. Some postgraduate admissions might require a bit higher academic scores. So are you ready to work harder if you want only a PG, and not a PG diploma?
  3. Or are you looking for a degree that’s less competitive?
  4. Do you have adequate money to fund your postgraduate studies or do you think you can afford a PG diploma with the lesser money that you have?

It’s up to you on how you take it and want to proceed with your admissions. We’re always ready to assist you with whatever questions you may have related to your admissions abroad.

But, first let’s see what the benefits of doing a PG diploma in Canada are

  1. A PG diploma could be affordable for you. Imagine you’re a student who thought that you’ll get a scholarship right in time but somehow failed to get it and you found yourself short on funds. You don’t want to incur huge debts by taking an education loan, neither do you want to force your parents down with debts. In this case, seeking admissions into a PG diploma programme in Canada, which is closer to your interest, will be a wiser decision, any time.
  2. Many PG diploma programmes come with co-op options, which mean you get a chance to intern with various industries and institutes. If you’re interested in building constructive relationships with employers and people worldwide, a PG diploma could be what you need. It will not only help you find a job, but also help you gain a resident permit to settle in the country.
  3. If you are one of those students who has a practical bent of mind, then a PG diploma might attract you more compared with a normal postgraduate degree that could be more theoretical for you.
  4. Many PG diplomas come with part-time work options (please check with your university) so it gives you a chance to earn extra and support yourself while studying in the country.
  5. If you want to get a degree within a year, then a PG diploma is a good alternative for you, and not a PG in Canada.

Where can I get a PG diploma in Canada?

Although there are plenty of PG diploma courses on offer at popular Canadian institutes, there could be a few courses that aren’t worth studying due to their poor return on investment. Hence, you must make a wise choice about the PG diploma course that you want to study.

Canadian institutes where you can apply for PG diploma include the following:

  1. Centennial College
  2. Humber College
  3. Lambton College
  4. Durham College
  5. Algonquin College

How much can I earn with a PG diploma in Canada?

As per reports, the salary after completing a PG diploma in Canada varies from one job to another. Average salary of a fresh postgraduate diploma student is CAD 54K. It also depends on what role and which company you work with.

Popular cities where the graduate employability rate is higher with a higher range of salaries for them include Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Ottawa [Source:].

Need more help?

Our counsellors will help you with your questions on studying a PG diploma in Canada. If you’ve questions in pertinence to Canadian study visas, post-study work rights or anything else, please feel free to talk to them. They will chat with you for hours till you find yourself satisfied with their answers.

Call us at 1800 103 2581 or write to us and we’ll fix an appointment for you at your convenient time.

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