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Mahesh Ramani
28 Sep 2015 68.7K 2 mins Share

Top 10 Universities in USA to Study MS in Computer Science

Are you fascinated by computers and looking to study in the USA? This article lists the top universities in the USA offering the MS in Computer Science degree.

28 Sep 2015 68.7K 2 mins Share
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The USA has been at the forefront of higher education in computer science technology ever since the subject entered the realm of regular teaching and learning. As per the Best Grad Schools U.S. News & World Report Rankings; the rankings of top universities in the USA to study the MS in Computer Science are as follows:

Let us look at the MS in Computer Science programmes offered by the top three institutions in the list.

Carnegie Mellon University:

The School of Computer Science - SCS at Carnegie Mellon University offers the most coveted MS in Computer Science programme in the USA. The programme is not based on a fixed structure. Students need to complete course modules that they can choose from a given selection to earn the degree. The course modules cover areas like - Statistics, Graphical Models, Programming Languages, Algorithms, Machine Learning and much more. These modules are distributed under three main categories - Systems, Theoretical Foundations and Artificial Intelligence. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT):

The Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science or MIT EECS as it is popularly known as offers the Master of Science programme which is required for students aspiring to do a doctoral degree. This programme requires students to complete 66 course-units and covers various aspects of Computer Science. On completing this course students may also choose to complete a Master of Engineering programme at MIT.  

Stanford University:

The Stanford Computer Science (CS) Department was established in 1965 and since then has contributed to the amazing changes in modern computer science in one way or the other. The MS in Computer Science is the most popular postgraduate course offered by the CS Department. Focusing on programming languages, artificial intelligence and open source technologies the programme is taught by renowned Computer Science experts. The Department also offers inter-disciplinary postgraduate programmes like - the joint CS MS/Law and CS MS/MBA programs.

The rating and ranking of institutions offering the MS in Computer Science by different accrediting agencies like the QS Rankings and the Shanghai Rankings varies. Institutions in the top-10 keep changing positions every year. Getting into any of these top-10 institutions requires dedicated planning and lots of hard work along with a bit of luck.

Career Options:

Thirty years back it was difficult to find a computer outside busy corporate offices and the houses of the rich. Today the computer is made its way into the house of the common man; IT and IT-enabled services is an industry of its own. From banking, advertising, teaching and medicine the personal computer has made things much easier! Career options are many for successful computer science students; from entering the fascinating world of research and teaching to working in technology companies to make better hardware and easy-to-use software; the options are many in number. Entrepreneurs like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have inspired two generations of young students to study computer science and design new technologies and products. These two icons who set up Microsoft and Apple, respectively, prove that -‘Passion for success is a must and one should dare to dream!’

Steve Jobs’ inspirational quote says it all - ‘Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The trouble-makers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently…they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius.’

Computer science students with their focus on research hold the key to many of the problems that the world faces today. Sample some of the research that is being conducted across institutions -

  • Human computing
  • Software to predict global weather changes
  • Software to make air-travel safer and more comfortable
  • Devices that make invasive surgeries easier
  • Faster internet connectivity via light-rays
  • Software to help unmanned space-crafts travel with ease

The possibilities are endless - browse through our extensive database to find the perfect MS in Computer Science programme of your choice. 

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