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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
08 Dec 2014 3.3K 1 min Share

Top 10 part-time jobs for college students

An Infographic depicting the most popular part-time jobs for college students and how to balance your work and study.

08 Dec 2014 3.3K 1 min Share

How good are you at multitasking? Higher studies, many a times, could test your multitasking skills, as you may have to juggle study and work. Rasmussen College observed during the year 2011 that 42% of college students were unemployed and only 29% worked part time. 

What could play a major role on how much time you have for work is your degree. In comparison with students who had taken other majors, engineering students were observed to have taken the most time to prepare for class, the least time to work, and the least time to care for dependents. Students who had taken up study in Biological Sciences were observed to have the highest number of students working while studying.  
Do you think you’re up to the challenge? Studies show that freelance writing is the highest paying part-time job that students can take up at $75 per hour (that comes with the perk of giving potential career experience and flexible timing), followed by tutoring at $39 per hour, and sport training at $22 per hour. 
Read these stats to know more!   

Infographic Credit: Rasmussen College

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