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Ashley O'connor
08 Dec 2014 892 2 mins Share

5 part-time jobs you should consider

Get to know the popular part time jobs that students do while studying abroad. These jobs can aid you financially while studying.

08 Dec 2014 892 2 mins Share
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Part-time jobs abroad

Being a student is never easy. Oh well, it might not be hard if you are a happy-go-lucky student. However, for those who are determined to receive diploma, they will likely do whatever it takes to reach that dream. Some college students will look for a job to finance their studies. 

As they say "Education is the only treasure that cannot be stolen from you".  That is why it is important to finish studies.
A common option to many students is working inside the campus. Several educational institutions offer campus employment in exchange of free education or discounted fees. In addition to financial aspect, this might be favorable to the students, considering that they will have to work in the same environment. On the other hand, students who cannot apply for campus employment can still opt for outside school jobs.

Restaurant Crew

There are a lot of college students who opt for this kind of job. Aside from the fact that they are able to earn money to support their studies, they take this as an opportunity to be trained for the real world of working. Some restaurants offer jobs at night, while others allow flexible schedules. Duties of a restaurant crew may include cleaning up the tables, taking orders, serves food and at times, cashier. The pay for this job can be good, especially if it is a popular one.

Pizza Delivery Crew

Delivery crew is perfect for students who have excellent driving records. Many pizza parlors offer part-time jobs to college students. Depending on the establishment, the schedule may be fixed at nighttime or flexible. Nonetheless, several college students - most especially male - seek this type of job. It is not really a hard job, since all you have to do is deliver the pizza to the customer. However, it is a requirement that you know the streets within the vicinity of the establishment’s location. The best thing about this job is the hourly rate plus the tips from satisfied customers.

Merchandise Stocker

If you are an introvert type, there is a suitable job for you. A merchandise stocker is responsible for unpacking the products, organizing the items, arranging the merchandise on the shelves and doing inventory. Sounds tiring? Maybe it is, but at least you are just inside the retail store. Basically, this job requires to be done after store hours, which means the student will have to work on night-shift.

Freelance Worker

Failed in finding a part-time job? Why not try freelancing? Freelance works are very rampant these days. Think of something - maybe a skill or talent - you believe you excel. For instance, you are very good in graphics design; look for companies willing to pay you to create a masterpiece for them. If you are an excellent writer, there are so many blogs that can pay you to write an article. Freelancing is a good option if you have grown tired of the other possibilities.


Are you good in a particular academic subject? Then tutoring is perfect for you. A tutor offers assistance to students who need help with their lessons. College students can tutor pupils from lower level, including tenth graders, 9th graders and below. Tutoring can help pupils improve academic performance. Tutor classes are usually held at night and weekends; so, this will not really interfere with college student’s schedule.
Part-time jobs are very helpful to college students. These jobs can aid them financially while letting them experience how it feels to work hard in order to earn a living.
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