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23 May 2017 16.9K 2 mins Share

UK Commonwealth Scholarship Program for Indian Students

To apply for UK Commonwealth scholarship program, a candidate should have completed the required (bachelors) degree within the last ten years as on October of the year of application.

23 May 2017 16.9K 2 mins Share
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The Commonwealth UK scholarship for Indian students helps them pursue post graduation (masters) or Ph.D abroad. The sponsorship will support Indian students for 1 year if they apply for a post graduation program and 3 years if they apply for a Ph.D program abroad.

Twenty-two scholarships for Ph.D and thirty-three scholarships for master’s program are offered each year under this scheme. It is usually announced either in August or September every year.

The subjects covered under the scholarship scheme have been divided into five main categories: The first is medicine which covers Cancer Research (including Cancer epidemiology); Cardiology, Gynecology, Medicine and Dentistry. Scholarship for this field is not offered for generalized training and studies but a specialized training in higher technique and methodology. The next category is engineering and technology and the subjects under this umbrella are Electronics; Environmental Studies; Remote Sensing Technology; Communication Engineering; Bio-Technology/Biochemical Engineering; Robotics.

The third category is science and subjects like Mathematics; Molecular Biology; Physics and Chemistry (including Pharmaceutical/Medicinal Chemistry) fall into this category. Agriculture is the fourth category and covers Animal Husbandry; Agronomy and Forestry. Humanities and Social Sciences is the fifth and major category, which covers History; sociology; Management Studies; Fine Art; (including Western Painting, Art History, Graphic Design and Sculpture); Economics, Philosophy, Psychology, Computer Application, Law and English.

Who can apply for the UK Commonwealth scholarship?

1. In order to apply for the scholarship, students have to be Indian citizens. The scholarship covers tuition fees, travel expenses, living expenses, thesis grant, study travel grant and several other allowances based on the duration of the scholarship .

2. The age of the candidate must be below 40 years. 

3. Tertiary education in English is a must for all the candidates. If the candidate is applying for Master’s degree then completion of Bachelor’s degree in the required field is must, within the last ten years as on October of the year of application.

4. The candidate must secure 60% and above if the choice is in Humanities and Social Science category, and 65% and above, if it is in the category of Medicine, Engineering & Technology, Science and Agriculture. 

5. Candidates who have been abroad on training/internships/specializations for more than 6 months can apply for this scholarship, provided they have stayed in India for atleast 2 years, as on September of each year, after returning from abroad. 

6. The candidate should also submit a one-page justification of why he/she wants to pursue higher studies in the UK.

7. In case the candidate wants to apply for a Ph.D, then completion of master’s degree in the required field is must with a minimum of 60% if it is Humanities and Social Science category and 65% if it is Medicine, Engineering and Technology, Science and Agriculture category, with two years of research or practical experience after completion of post-graduation.

8. Each candidate is allowed to mention three different institutes on the scholarship form.The final decision will be made by the CSC. In order to choose three institutes, each candidate has to send individual applications to their preferred institutes in advance of their scholarship application.

9. A PhD candidate needs a supporting letter from a potential supervisor without which they won't be allowed to be interviewed. 

10. The academic year for these scholarship courses starts from October. This program ensures students receive what they desire while ensuring it is done through a correct protocol.

For further details, you can contact,

The Secretary
Ministry of Human Resource Development (Dept. of Education)
External Scholarships Division,
ES-3 Section, A.1/W.3 Curzon Road Barracks,
K.G. Marg, New Delhi 110001
Ph 3384501

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