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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
08 Dec 2014 841 3 mins Share

Do You Need A Car While Studying Abroad?

Are you looking to buy a car while you are studying abroad?, then please this article for guidance.

08 Dec 2014 841 3 mins Share

As a student studying abroad, the two most crucial things that you will be initially concerned with is your transportation and accommodation.  Post making arrangements about accommodation, you must figure out ways to travel from the accommodation site to the University. A car could turn out to be a useful investment, especially if you’re the kind who likes to zip around independently and at your own convenience. Whether you really need one or not is a question of where you have chosen to study. 

The US of A!
As far as the USA is concerned, if your choice of University is located in big cities such as Chicago, LA, or even New York, you are off to a good start. With convenient bus networks and metro trains to every possible location, you may not really need one unless you want it out of your own interest. These cities are buzzing with wonderful public transport for you to take advantage of. Getting a car might turn out to be a headache in these big cities, as parking and maintenance can become nightmarish. Having your car towed away or being bombarded with parking tickets is the last thing you need, especially when you’ve gone there to study!
Colleges or universities situated in small towns and cities, however, tell a different tale. You could find yourself in quite a fix if you are not able to make your way around. After all being a student doesn’t mean that all you ever do is hit the books. For the occasional time, when you want to close your books, get some shopping done, or just hang out at a café or catch a movie, you’ll be glad you made the right decision and aren’t waiting endlessly for a bus at some forsaken bus-stop! If you’re the sort who likes to head out for a bit, it could turn out to be a case of ‘no car no life’ in some of these towns! 
In the USA, for a license, you must take up a written test for the Instruction Permit, after which you can take the road test. In case you have an international license, the time you are allotted from IP through to the road test may vary. 
The land of the ‘Tube’
If you have picked the UK as your study destination, then a car is probably way down on your requirement list. As a student in the UK, you will never experience any difficulty travelling around. You will find plenty of choices to connect you anytime anywhere round the clock. ‘The tube’ is the fastest and the most preferred travel mode in the UK and buses also give you connectivity throughout where the tube does not reach. All you need in the UK is a travel card and a map to find your way around if you need a little help. Ironically though, car insurance in the UK, compared to the USA, is much better. The USA charges much higher for car insurance than the UK and it may be due to the fact that the expenses involved with accidents and medical expenses are much higher. 
For obtaining a drivers license in the UK, you must first apply for a provisional license online and then go for the computer based theoretical test which focuses on the driving theory and hazard perception while driving. This test if then followed by the actual practical driving test. So prepare well! 
Cars are probably used less in the UK than in the US, ironically though, car insurance in the UK, compared to the USA, is much better. The USA charges much higher for car insurance than the UK and it may be due to the fact that the expenses involved with accidents and medical expenses are much higher. 
Watch out for Kangaroos!
Australia is another popular student destination and a big country, with a bit of a scattered population. Popular cities such as Sydney and Melbourne constitute around 39% of the country’s complete population. In cities such as these, public transportation is reliable. Cities such as The Gold Coast, on the contrary, have only a few villages along the coastal areas with comparatively lesser population. Where the population is less, the transport and connectivity has been observed to be slightly less reliable. If you would like to travel the length and breadth of this beautiful land and truly enjoy everything it has to offer, if you are in any of Australia’s smaller cities or towns, you should probably opt for a car.
Australia ranks second in the world for the most number of cars and according to a recent survey, for about every 1.5 people who are of the right age to drive, there is one car. For getting a drivers license in Australia, you should apply for one within three months of having started to reside there. You will undergo a practical test and this may vary from state to state in case you hold an international driving license already. 
Car Insurance in Australia can be quite expensive depending on what type you opt for. So if you choose appropriately based on your needs, you can pay less for your premiums. Always opt to pay these annually and not in any shorter time ranges and in case you have made no claims through the year, you can opt for the popular ‘No Claim Discount’ to reduce rates! 
This is the scene when it comes to driving, in three of our most favourite study destinations. A car could change your student experience all together and give you the social life you need to survive, away from home. They don’t say a car is a man’s best friend for no reason do they! 
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