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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
08 Dec 2014 509 2 mins Share

How to Prepare an Effective Resume

! Pass your resumes around any opportunity you get, be it a guest lecture or a career fair or even a field trip! Seize the opportunity!

08 Dec 2014 509 2 mins Share

Isn’t it true that the first impression is the most important one? An effective resume is all about getting your chance to make a good first impression to your future employer. Your resume is what you use to market your studies or in other words how you advertise yourself to potential employers. As an international student you have the edge over the others and must learn to highlight all parts of your student experience, the most effective way possible. The minute you complete your studies, your resume must fly out in all directions by post, by email and any mode to land you your dream job!

Employer’s point of view! 

From an employer’s point of view, having studied abroad gives you intercultural skills, knowledge of the global economy, analytical and communication skills, flexibility, and better adaptability to circumstances. Even proficiency in a foreign language could score you extra points, so make sure all that goes into your resume under the “international Experiences” section that you have. If you have any relevant experiences that you can share, and this is inclusive of anything ranging from organization of events being in a student club to internships that you had taken up during your study, it must be detailed and highlighted well. 
You have to keep in mind, you must pen down all possible points to make your resume attractive to the kind of employers you are targeting for. It is always an added advantage if you could also mention any references such as lecturers or teachers from where you completed your studies; someone who would put forward all your positive strengths and skills to the employer.  

Skills, skills n skills!

Student experience abroad is given so much value as it not only affects your social skill sets but also your professional skill sets. According to a recent survey taken by ‘The National Association of Colleges and Employers’, USA, it was found that what employers look for most in freshers straight out of college are communication skills, decision making and problem solving skills, organising and planning skills, and the ability to prioritise. Some strong verbs that you may want to use in your resume for your abroad experiences to highlight such skills are: Built, implemented, visited, adapted, awarded, represented, developed, translated, improved, and such. You get the idea! Studying abroad alone just won’t do the trick; you must know how to project yourself. 
Brainstorm and recollect all your volunteer, extracurricular, and educational experiences as well as awards or relevant course work or projects you have done, and jot it down. 

The ABC’s of a Resume! 

Here are a few pointers to get you started.
• Keep your resume short, crisp, and easy to read through and don’t follow templates. Bold only your headings and stick to font sizes 11 0r 12. 
• A single page resume is best for a student fresh from college with no experience.
• Whatever skill sets that the job you’re applying for demands; make sure you put that in closer to the beginning, such as a relevant degree or even good academic performance. 
• Always list your best achievements first. That’s what meets the eye first and it matters. 
• Provide an address (permanent and resident), your email address (preferably keep a separate ID for your job applications), and your phone number where you can be reached. 
• Put in a separate category to highlight study abroad, internships, and such. Study abroad could be a sub heading under your education heading. 
So create a new word doc and get started with your first resume right away! Pass your resumes around any opportunity you get, be it a guest lecture or a career fair or even a field trip! Seize the opportunity!

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