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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
14 Aug 2015 10K 1 min Share

Top Paying Jobs in Demand

Finding a great job on graduation is one of the happiest moments in a student's life. Learn about post-study work-rights in this article.

14 Aug 2015 10K 1 min Share

“What do you do?” Such a simple question but quite on the contrary, the importance of a job is way overrated. Whether we realize it or choose not to, we define people by their jobs. Not only this, picking the right profession could make a world of difference in shaping your future.

Gone are the days when your job growth was directly proportional to your level of study. What’s interesting is that, as per these stats, between the years 2010- 2020, in comparison with those who have a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or a PhD, Associate degree holders have a much higher growth rate and next in line, we have those who just completed their high school!  Associate degree holders are expected to see a 35% growth rate in their career and experience a salary increase of $14,631 annually as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Who could’ve guessed?

Here’s also a peek at what kind of growth rates are expected in various professions in the near future. Do your research well and know what kind of potential your area of interest has with educational advisors, to get a clear picture. 

Infographic Credit: nerd wallet

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