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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
14 Aug 2015 661 2 mins Share

Job Strategies That You May Plan While Studying Abroad

Part-time job opportunities and working laws vary from country to country. This article gives you an insight into the options on offer.

14 Aug 2015 661 2 mins Share
After endless research and analysis, you finally decide your study destination! Have you thought about job prospects and your growth in the field yet? It’s never too early to start planning, to stay ahead in the race. 
It’s advisable to not to let your complete focus be on your studies alone. You have to keep in mind the competition you’re up against. It’s not a given that if you study abroad, you get excellent career prospects right away; a lot of thought has to go into how to make the best of the programme and the opportunities available to you at the university. This is applicable especially in those cases where students have taken a course of less than eight months.
What employers are looking for goes beyond academic performance; they look for skill sets that define your ability to survive in a foreign environment and professionally mingle with people from various cultures and backgrounds. 
For getting the most of this sought after cross- cultural experience, you should make efforts to learn as much as possible about foreign cultures. This starts from trying to get involved in projects and activities with predominantly the local students. You can opt for host accommodation; living with a native family is an excellent way to get to learn the native culture. 
Be sure to do your homework on your job opportunities abroad in the country where you choose to do your studies. It is advisable to have thoroughly researched about the recent immigration policies of the country to which you’re headed. 
An internship is another sound option that you should definitely consider. It gives you work experience to show potential employers and adds value to your resume. In case the employer you are interning with is looking to hire and your performance is excellent, they might even consider you for the job opening once you graduate!
Networking will take you a long way, when it comes to working abroad. During your study time abroad, you should maintain a list of all contacts working in your areas of interest; you can get back to them once you graduate to check for job openings. It always helps to stay in touch with your classmates; join the alumni and maintain good connections. They can keep you posted about recent trends and changes in the field or even let you know about any job openings. You can also meet professionals in your subject area and be involved in activities conducted by them. 
The key overall is to always think ahead and have a real passion for the area you specialise in! Before you pick your programme, make sure you consult an academic advisor to ensure your interests are in line with your studies. This makes a world of a difference; you are far more likely to excel in the subject area you love! 

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