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Christina Chandler
06 Oct 2014 248 3 mins Share

Spend Your Summer Vacation Teaching Abroad

t is possible to teach abroad for just the summer session! Also, take a look on the summer training courses for certification like the TEFL Certification courses.

06 Oct 2014 248 3 mins Share

Even though the majority of us are still swimming in snow, the summer between school years really isn’t that far off. This is especially the case when it comes to making sure you have your plans set in motion for the summer. But what do you spend your summer vacation doing; a simple vacation traveling somewhere, maybe? Or you could gain some work experience, work on a new language, and still manage to travel somewhere completely new or old. 

That’s where teaching abroad can come in. And yes, it is possible to teach abroad for just the summer session, though they are a bit more difficult to get ahold of than full year terms. 

Teach at a Summer Camp

It may seem bizarre to return to summer camps (if you have ever been at one), but an English-as-a-second-language summer camp is somewhere around the same thing, with lots of playing and sports, but multiple hours of a day are spent developing language and English skills with the kids. 
Now there are a couple different types of summer camps for language. There are the overnight ones where you spend like a couple weeks with everyone living in something like cabins and you explore nature in the area while also teaching English. These ones are great if overseas as they provide your housing and necessities just by being there. 
Then there are also the day camps where students are dropped off in the morning and picked up later on in the day, but they don’t stay over; unfortunately neither would you in this case. This would be more of an option if you want to have extra time to yourself to explore whichever city you have chosen. 
In some of the Asian and American areas you can also find university camps which use the university campus to do classes during the summer for kids of all ages, in which you would teach one class multiple times a day for around five days a week. This one provides the most time, and you will even get to experience a different university, however if you are currently a college student chances are you might want to go with a different experience. 
The keywith these summer camps is that many of them in more of the English speaking areas will tend to hire in country first before out of the country so you want to look for ones like in France (though highly competitive there) or China or Spain. If you do manage to find one though, most of them tend to pay per week which can actually pay entirely for your trip there, so long as you are willing to fork some cash over initially to get there.

Summer Training Courses 

Instead of teaching for the summer you could instead set yourself up for being able to teach for the school year by enrolling in summer training courses for certification like the TEFL Certification courses. Although not all teaching abroad involves having this certification (mostly only Europe) having the certification can never really hurt you, and you don’t have to invest too much time for the process. Most TEFL certification places will have summer courses that run no more than four weeks which you can take to be ready in the fall for teaching abroad. 

Volunteering for Teaching

Although not being paid, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities for teaching abroad. This one lacks being able to get much of your costs covered but they are much easier to find as everyone likes and wants volunteers where they can get them. Because of this it can open options you wouldn’t normally be able to find, such as many poorer countries in the world that can’t pay for teaching opportunities. 
The other advantage is that you will find most volunteer opportunities are for short degrees of time such as a couple weeks to a few months at most, which is perfect for summer excursions. Generally the best way to go about a volunteer opportunity is to set up your travels first then decide where and how long you might want to do some volunteer teaching for a whole different vacation experience in the areas you travel to during summer. 
Regardless of what you decide about your summer vacation, always remember that teaching abroad does not always require a full college degree, nor does it always require certification. This would especially be the case for the volunteer opportunities, which will likely at least provide you with some meals. Teaching abroad can be an exceptional experience, you just have to be open to it. 
Christina Chandler is an enthusiastic poet and writer with a degree in English Education. She has spent a year in India and two years in Japan teaching English as a second language. She now continues towards her postgraduate degree in Higher Education.

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