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22 Mar 2019 2.4K Book icon 2 mins Share

The new computer-delivered IELTS test

Now, you can take the IELTS test from your comfort zone, with the help of new computer-delivered IELTS recently launched by IDP Education

22 Mar 2019 2.4K Book icon 2 mins Share
computer based ielts

What if you get an option to take up the IELTS test on a computer instead of relying on the traditional paper-based method? Yes, it’s possible.

The new computer-delivered IELTS launched by IDP Education offers an alternative to the traditional paper-based IELTS method.

However, the exact test patterns will still remain same, in terms of the level of difficulty, scoring, content, timing, question format and security arrangements. Also, same certificate will be awarded to you, whether you complete the written test or the online test.

Know how to prepare for the IELTS

Why choose a computer-delivered IELTS test?

There are several reasons to it.

First, the computer-based IELTS can offer you more opportunities to take the test. More number of test centres will be available, which means more exam dates on offer too. This means you have the complete freedom to decide how much time you need to prepare before you sit for the test.

Second, considering the new generation of tech-savvy international students, IELTS wants to deliver the test in a way that complements students’ skills and interests.

Finally, results of computer-based IELTS will be declared to students faster because those results are easier to quantify, compared with more issues involved in dealing with different forms of handwriting (in the paper based method). In fact, students will get their results within 5–7 days of completing the online test (all 4 sections).

Takeaway: Best last-minute tips for the IELTS test.

How is the new test different from the traditional one?

The only distinct difference between the computer-based and paper-based IELTS test is in the former you can take up the test from your comfort zone, clicking on answers against each question on your computer screen whereas the latter demands you to scribble on a piece of paper.

All four sections – listening, reading, writing and speaking – will remain same. The speaking test will still be done face-to-face by trained IELTS professionals because a majority of students find this method more convenient.

Another advantage of the computer-delivered test is there is a small clock at the top of the screen which monitors your time and keeps you updated on how much time you are left with during the exam, and there are ‘help’ buttons to guide you if you feel confused at any point.

Here you go, with the new computer-based IELTS launch news. Why don’t you pick one date and get going with it? The turnaround time of this test is quicker and you get the same certificate, which is recognised by universities worldwide, as you get one in the paper-based test.

Still not sure which IELTS test is right for you? Are you comfortable with the old paper-based method or want to explore the new computer-based IELTS?

Answer the questions below to find out!

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