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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
23 Jan 2015 1.8K 2 mins Share

How Shaan Patel nailed his SAT with a 2400

Here are some very useful tips shared by Shaan Patel who scored a perfect SAT score

23 Jan 2015 1.8K 2 mins Share

Did you know that 12,528,901 students worldwide have taken the new official SAT exam so far? Woah - and wait there’s more! Of this, 2,728 have achieved a perfect 2400 SAT score – amazing, huh?! 

Fox5 News recently interviewed one such student- Shaan Patel - who achieved an amazing 2400! Pay close attention as he opens up about his prep experience and gives us pointers on how to come out with flying colours. 

About The Genius!

Shaan Patel (Las Vegas) - “I graduated from Clarke High School four years ago and back then I got a perfect score on my SAT,” he exclaims. He is now the founder of his very own company, 2400expert, which specializes on SAT prep and is the largest of its kind in the Nevada region, USA.

What a ‘2400’ Translates To!

Shaan tells us, “It worked out really nicely for me- because of my score and academic achievements, I’ve received over 230,000 dollars in college scholarships.” The whopping amount had us in a daze for a second!

How DID He Do It?

When asked if he was the kind of student who was a natural at studying and did not have to put in much effort for his accomplishment, he responded with a modest “no”! “It’s all about studying and working hard. I… (had to put in)… hours outside of my regular high school classes to prepare specifically for the exam.”

 “(Exclusive Preparation is necessary as the SAT will feature) questions you don’t see…in your normal English and Math classes,” Shaan explains.

Tips for a perfect score


When asked for pointers, he stressed that practice is everything.”Practice makes perfect…but…you want to practice with questions produced by the College Board. The College Board is the company that produces the SAT- so those are the questions that are going to be just like the ones you see….(in) the actual exam...”

Time It:  

“You definitely want to time yourself when you take the exam- it’s a long exam…(with) ten sections…( and goes on for) four hours.” He feels that “most high school students aren’t used to taking an exam that long” and insists they time themselves “to make sure that …(they) are not overwhelmed on…(the big)day.”

The Essay Q:

He lets us know, “Prior to 2005, the SAT didn’t have an essay but now they do.” When questioned by students and parents on how to handle the essay, he insists on preparation ”ahead of time by researching…historical, literary, and current (events)…(as) the essay topics are…general.’”

So -THIS is how Shaan worked his way to a perfect SAT-ending! Ready for yours? Then - get started with your SAT prep now! For more on SAT tips, feel free to browse our website which features an ocean of information related to all aspects of education-abroad. We, at Hotcourses, have been in the education industry for nearly twenty years helping students find courses, universities and colleges abroad. We offer a range of free services, covering all possible aspects of the study abroad process from application assistance to pre-departure guidance, with our team of experienced counsellors in Chennai & Delhi.

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