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25 Apr 2017 579 2 mins Share

When is the right time to prepare for SAT?

Is there a right time to prepare for SAT exam? What do you think?

25 Apr 2017 579 2 mins Share
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When is the right time to prepare for SAT

Is there a right time to prepare for the SAT exam?

SAT is an important exam like any other standardised exams to study abroad. Common questions that might keep creeping in your mind are as follows:

  1. Should I start preparing for the SAT exam from 9th or 10th grade?
  2. Can I prepare for the SAT exam myself?
  3. Is 1 month enough to prepare for the SAT entrance?

There could be many possible answers to them as well. This article tells you when you should start preparing for the SAT and how much time you should spend preparing for it.  

First, familiarise yourself with the SAT syllabus. The new SAT syllabus has the following sections:

  1. Evidence-based reading and writing
  2. Reading test
  3. Writing and language test
  4. Mathematics
  5. Essay (optional)

As you can see, these subjects are not new to you. You will learn all the fundamentals of the above subjects while studying at any schools.

When is the right time to take up the SAT?

If you do not want to rush in your 11th or 12th grade, since that’s a crucial time, the best time could be 9th grade. But that might be too early for some students. Think about it!

Normally, if you are looking at a bigger picture, say, if you want to apply at Ivy League Colleges, you may start preparing early on. But if you want a moderate SAT score, you may want to start preparing from 11th or 12th grade.

Even if you want to start early on, proceed mildly so that you can focus on your studies and other activities in school. One of the ways could be to start by focusing on your vocabulary when you are in 9th or 10th grade and slowly start preparing for the other SAT sections. You will need to learn a lot of vocabs in the 10th grade so maybe it’s a better idea! Or you may want to start with basic Math if you feel you need to practise it more.

How long should I take to prepare for the SAT?

It depends on your pace of learning. If you are a fast learner, you can start 1 month before the final test day. If you want to do an intensive study, you can start 4 or 6 months earlier.  Usually for a novice SAT test taker, three months of study is sufficient.

Think carefully before you begin. Will you run out of time if you start too late? Will you be losing focus if you start too early?

There is a test called PSAT, which is an online mock test that gives you a feel of how the SAT looks – the closest thing you can get to an actual SAT.

Different students have different study patterns: some might study once a day, some two times in a day, some thrice a week. Some prefer 30-minute sittings and some prefer studying for 3 hours thrice in a week. Whichever pattern you are comfortable in, just follow that. If you have very less time left, then use the time in hand judiciously and focus.

One more thing – you can create your own schedule and stick to it. You can practise 5 to 8 practice materials every week so that you familiarise yourself with the test format and instructions. And you may skip a day or two and work on something else – if you feel that helps you relax.

If you still have some questions, our counsellors are here to guide you so why don’t you just call us or drop in to speak to them. They can help you in selecting colleges abroad too based on your SAT scores.  

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