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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
18 Nov 2014 7.7K 2 mins Share

Sssshhhh! Top secrets of a SAT & TOEFL topper revealed!

An interview with Shreya Vardhan who topped the SAT and TOEFL this year

18 Nov 2014 7.7K 2 mins Share

Focus on what interests you...” - golden words uttered by a New Delhi based grade 12 student, Shreya Vardhan.

Shreya recently made it to the news for having scored full marks in not one or two- but THREE exams (the SAT, TOEFL, and the Advanced Placement (AP) tests) - making a hat-trick hit! That’s quite an incredible achievement for a 15 year-old; so how did she do this you wonder? Read on for the full scoop!

First…A Peep into Shreya’s Life…

•    Accomplishments: “I have been an NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) scholar, securing fifth rank in the International Olympiad of Science in Class 9 and ranking tenth in the International Olympiad of English in Class 10.”
•    Shreya’s Dose of Inspiration: “My parents and famous scientists like CV Raman, Madame Curie are among my role models. Even some fictional characters inspire me a lot.”
•    Work and Play?: “I like to play tennis. Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are my favourite players. I never miss their matches. I also paint and draw cartoons.”

How It All Started…

Having taken the exams in Jan, she dates her prep back to October- which is a total of just four months. She is undecided at the moment about which uni she is headed to but has her eyes on institutions like Princeton University and the MIT, based in the USA.

Her Strategy!

Coaching classes were not even a part of the picture for Shreya Vardhan. She has gotten to where she is today as a result of endless practice through model exams. Her success mantra was simple - set deadlines for practice tests and read up as much material related to test prep as possible.

The Secret Ingredient!

“Read. And read everything with general interest… “, she mentions, emphasizing that this doesn’t need to be strictly for academic purposes alone. This will better your performance in the Critical Reading Section of SAT immensely-she reveals- as it will improve your basic understanding skills.

A Future in Fiction?

She shares with us her future plans, “I aspire to be a researcher in physics, which is my favourite subject. I also want to write fiction. I have already written some articles for newspapers and short stories for magazines.”

This, in a nutshell, is how Shreya has paved her way to her study abroad dream destination. So- how are you going to handle your prep?  Unsure? For more tips on how to crack the SAT and TOEFL, feel free to browse our site that hosts an ocean of information for Indian study abroad aspirants like you.

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