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How to deal with stress during exams

A guide to students looking at ways to manage stress during the exam days

Mahesh Ramani | 18 Aug 2014 | 1.3K Views
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A recent study conducted in the US has found that students who study late into the night are likely to secure much lesser test scores than students who don't study all through the night.

Let’s admit it! Last-minute preparation before a big exam or test has been a regular feature of our lives. But does last-minute and late-night cramming actually help students to score top marks?

Research conducted at the University of California, Irvine has proven that late-night studying and last-minute cramming does more harm than good. It affects the brain and causes stress; though 72% of students like cramming; those students who space out their studying and exam preparation - fare better in exams.

Students who burn the midnight oil and study late into the night are likely to secure a much lesser GPA of 2.95 than students who DON’T study all through the night. These students have a better GPA of 3.20. Regular late-night studies lead to stress and associated health problems like indigestion, depression and sleep disorders.

To ensure good marks in your exams - plan your studies, create a personal study-planner, assign study-targets and complete them, eat healthy, exercise judiciously and sleep properly. These tips coupled with regular attendance of classes will help you score well in your exams. 

See the following infographic on late-night studies and its effects!

Infographic Credit: Course Hero

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