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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
18 Aug 2015 11.9K 4 mins Share

10 ways to guarantee your parents will let you study abroad!

Yes, mom and dad are going to be a bit worried. Convince them to accept your decision of going abroad for a higher education.

18 Aug 2015 11.9K 4 mins Share

Are your parents not letting you leave your nest when you think you’re ready to spread your wings and fly into the sky? Don’t give up on your study abroad dream just as yet — here are a few pointers for you to convince your parents that this is the right time for you to take up the opportunity of a life time.

The Checklist!

Leave behind a basic checklist of all important addresses and phone numbers or details, flight times and numbers, hostel addresses, and such details that your parents use to get in touch with you — whenever you go out on self-planned trips or school events for a considerable period of time.

You can mention your date of departure and arrival as well. This will show your parents that you are systematic and very much capable of making it on your own anyplace across the globe.

Work That Budget!

Your parents may be a tad concerned about how you are going to handle your finances all by yourself- they might be worried that you will blow up all your cash within the first few weeks of landing in your dream destination.

To prove them that their worst nightmare is not going to come true, you will have to not only show them how you plan on keeping an appropriate budget for every month, but also on how you plan to save up as well on a regular and systematic basis.

It may not be possible to stick to your budget a 100% but you can show them that you know how to keep your expenses in check. 

Go All Academic on Them! 

Show your parents all of the benefits that studying abroad will bring into your academic profile. Highlight the fact that you will be exposed to various teaching styles, advanced facilities, and will be learning new languages.

Explore your destination uni well and make sure you make points out of all their advantages and show them how studying there will be so much more beneficial for you than back home. 

Boost Your Career

It goes without saying that studying abroad will give you the edge career-wise, as potential employers will take into account the intangible skills you picked up along the way. It goes without saying that you become more marketable to employers.

In a time when the job market is not at its best, this could do wonders for your resume and set you apart from the rest. Take time to really explain this to your parents. 

Your Growth! 

Most of what you learn will be outside of the classroom whether you realise it or not! Studying abroad will mean that you will be living alone, taking care of your health, your expenses, and building plans for your future by yourself and facing the world all by yourself. This is what makes you grow as an individual and this is the biggest benefit of studying abroad.

We do need the support of our parents to do this as well, but you will have to depend on yourself for a large number of aspects. Any parent will want their child to experience such growth at the right age, so be sure to highlight this the right way!

In Touch!

You can assure your parents that you will keep in constant touch with them through Skype, emails, and chats. In this day and age, it is easy to keep in touch with anyone across the globe as long as you have yourself a smart phone or an iphone or just a laptop and Wi-Fi. Sure you can’t make the time difference go away with technology but it has broken the barriers that communication across continents posed even a few recent years back. 

The Explorer In You!

You can explain to your parents that so many of the programs that you would like to explore along with updated facilities are just not available in the unis back home. Show them that you will be able to study it and experience it at its best only at your destination uni. Some facts and stats to back you up could prove very useful in this case.

Blog About It!

Blogging will be a good way for your parents to keep in touch with your daily activities as you share pictures and stories about various incidents in your life. You parents can easily keep up with you on a regular basis and can tell where you stand when it comes to your overall progress. So prepare yourself to put pen to paper or in other words prepare to join a good blogging domain soon like tumblr, blogger, or

Open Up!

You can start by telling them that it’s hard for you to figure out what you are going to do in a world full of a million options, if you are never going to see the world at the right age. Studying abroad can be a true eye opener and as a result of this experience, you would have developed new priorities, new values, and views about the world. Keep all the advantages in mind and show your parents how you truly feel about how this could be a turning point for you in life. 

Safety Awareness!

Time and time again, horrible incidents have occurred to Indian students studying across the globe in various locations. Assure your parents that you will take proper precautionary steps to be safe at all times like always having your mobile at hand or never walking around all by yourself in lone areas after dark.

Assure your parents that you are capable of practising complete responsibility and eliminate any doubts they may have in their minds regarding this. Let’s face it- there really is no place on earth where that is 100% safe anymore, the best we can do is equip ourselves right to survive danger.

This is one of the few ways you can convince your parents that you are ready. This is the right time for you to study abroad and build your career. Have a look at some of our course listings for some more good study options!

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