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Doodle Nandi

Doodle Nandi is a content editor for Hotcourses India- an IDP company, and helps write articles that help students with their study abroad journey.


18 May 2018 342 Book icon 4 mins Share

Online or face-to-face counselling for studying abroad

Which is you ideal choice – an online mode of counselling or a face-to-face discussion with a study abroad counsellor?

18 May 2018 342 Book icon 4 mins Share
Doodle Nandi

Doodle Nandi is a content editor for Hotcourses India- an IDP company, and helps write articles that help students with their study abroad journey.


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Online or face-to-face counselling for studying abroad

Are you looking for a counsellor who can help you gather all the basic information you need for your higher education abroad? And are you looking for ways to get that process done virtually, within your comfort zone?

Or are you in favour of the traditional ways of meeting counsellors in person, and then hurling all your questions at them to gain more clarity about a degree abroad?

It’s tough to make a choice sometimes! Isn’t it?

We’re here to give you an idea on what goes in an online and a face-to-face counselling process.

Why choose virtual counselling (online) for your studies abroad?


The old-school belief is ‘when you meet an overseas education counsellor in-person’, you get more clarity about the study journey. Well, we are not refuting the belief, but it is possible to gain clarity through the online counselling method, too.

At Hotcourses India, the tele calling team does a good job of connecting students to dedicated counsellors (country experts) by setting an appointment. The counsellors can give you all information over calls or chat that they would normally give you when you meet them. 

In addition, through the online tools on our website like the ultimate search, you can shortlist universities, colleges and courses that match your profile based on which our counsellors process your applications.

Thus, the virtual method is an easy way to reach the counsellors in a short span of time.

Radhika Balaji, one of our senior education counsellors, says: “Our online services have made the counselling process faster and smoother. The Chatbot, particularly, helps us to a great extent. It is easy to identify what students are looking for through the information gathered by the bot. This helps us reduce the length of time of the entire process, and also minimises the exchange of e-mails”.

One of the students who was placed at a university abroad said: “Hotcourses gives a wide range of options with the best service – the most simple and easy way to study abroad. I made a call on the toll-free number, and soon I was assisted by Radhika – a friendly counsellor. She has been very prompt from day one, offering extra support till the end”.

So you see, it works both ways – students can establish a strong sense of connection with counsellors, and counsellors get to know the type of students they are dealing with.

Time saving

Online mode of counselling is a highly accessible mode of communication for students.

It's useful for students who find it difficult to commute in search of a consultancy that would offer them an entire package of study abroad opportunities.

You can reach our counsellors online, regardless of which Indian city you are from, and you can access all the university details that you need on our website, including download prospectus, look for scholarships, look for popular courses and a lot more.

Another senior education counsellor, Padma says: “When a student comes to us with almost all information, which they normally gather using our online resources, it becomes easier for us to understand the temperament of the student and also what exactly he or she wants. Besides, people who are working and are willing to study abroad find the online counselling process quite convenient since they can communicate freely without visiting us”.


Some students might question the protection of data they enter online when they register on Hotcourses’ website. But the data that you enter on our website is protected against misuse. We respect privacy; therefore, we follow the GDPR [General Data Protection Regulation] guidelines that were recently launched in the European Union (please read our privacy policy).

Comfort level

Some students hesitate to meet counsellors face-to-face; they might feel uncomfortable to express themselves in the physical presence of a counsellor. In such cases, having a telephonic or online conversation with the counsellor can put the student at ease.


Some students open up more when they put their words in writing; they often find it difficult to convey their thoughts or ideas through talking. If you are that kind of a student, then the ‘online’ mode of counselling is your cup of coffee.


When you choose the virtual mode of counselling, you have the flexibility to decide your comfortable time to be contacted by an advisor. You don’t have to go through the process of showing up at the venue at a specified day or commit to a date and time; instead you have the freedom to be counselled from your comfort zone.

Why choose face-to-face counselling (in-person) for your studies abroad?


When you feel that you have an urgency to discuss something with your counsellor that you can’t normally discuss over calls, then you can choose the traditional face-to-face method of counselling.


In certain circumstances, the counsellor may want to visit a student who is unable to express himself over calls or chat. 


If a student has a genuine concern about establishing trust and respect with the counsellor, and feels in-person counselling is the only way to do that, then they should go for it.

While for some students the online method of counselling works, for others the in-person method works well. It’s a personal choice to use either of the two method of counselling for studies abroad. However, we have seen students who choose the in-person counselling partially and prefer to complete the remaining process via the online method.

In fact, one of our surveys revealed that a higher percentage of students on our website prefer online mode of assistance, compared with face to face mode.

As per the Internet World Stats, the number of Internet users in India has grown at an unprecedented pace, and at present it is second only to China. Since India is one of the top 20 Internet countries, the power of the digital age is quite promising. Hence, we are not far from those days when the number of people relying completely on online devices for every minute work they do is going to rule the world stats.

Confused about study abroad process?

Prashant Sukhija Prashant Sukhija,
IDP Expert
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