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Priyanka Karunan
02 Dec 2014 2.3K 2 mins Share

Is Studying an Undergraduate Course Abroad a Better Choice?

Detailed explanation of various undergraduate course options available abroad. The pros and cons of studying undergraduate course in India and abroad are discussed by the expert.

02 Dec 2014 2.3K 2 mins Share
Doing an undergraduate programme is a very important aspect because formation of life happens right there. Mostly an undergraduate course takes up three to four years of a student’s life. So it is important that one does not end up joining in the wrong college or university as his or her career might get doomed.
Gigeo of IMTP consultancy feels that if one has the right score and enough finance to go abroad then doing an undergraduate course abroad is a better choice to make unless one finds a university or college that provides quality education like the IITs and IIMs in India. But if one does not find a good study opportunity in India then going abroad for higher education is a good option to make.
Universities abroad are willing to take students if they have a score of 75% and above. There are universities in countries like the UK where one can finish a three year engineering programme with an additional one year industrial attachment. As it is expensive one should allocate atleast ten lakh rupees aside for each year. Universities abroad provide students with various combination subjects. For example, a student can take up humanities with French, finance with economics, mechanical engineering with French or Chinese. Such combinations might help the students   to find variety of career opportunities in different countries i.e. a mechanical engineering course with Chinese might help the student to find a job in China.
As mentioned before good financial support and a good score might help one to get through the best universities in countries like Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or the United States. Normally admissions in India begin by the month of July or August. As there is only one intake in a year a student might miss out getting through a good university and should wait for the next year application process. Universities abroad have almost three to four intake programmes in a year. In countries like the United States there is an intake in September (fall), January (spring) and May (summer).
According to his views it is not necessary that one should take up a bachelors programme to launch a successful career. There are a lot of technical programmes available in western countries. One can get a good job even by taking up a diploma course. For example a course in dental technicques which is a two year programme practically guarantees a salary of fifty to sixty thousand dollars in countries like Canada. 
They have exciting programmes in horticulture management and viticulture which an Indian university might not provide. Therefore there are very exciting and interesting opportunities available abroad that will help one to improve on their technical and application skills.
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