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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
02 Dec 2014 13.3K 1 min Share

How Many Students Go Abroad For Studies Every Year?

An infographic showing trends in studying abroad and impacts that make people choose to study in another country.

02 Dec 2014 13.3K 1 min Share

Off they migrate leaving their nests behind! Post undergraduate completion, students start flying out for higher studies, after cramming in endless hours of study and tirelessly applying to numerous universities. gives us the numbers to show us where we stand globally. 

From the years 2010 to 2011 alone, student numbers going abroad for higher studies seem to have taken an upward surge of over 580,000 (7.33%). China, needless to say, sends out the most students abroad per year and India stands third in this list. Studies reveal that students prefer to land in the US, the UK, Australia, and Canada the most. It comes as no surprise that one of every five international students is either from China or India. India and China alone have contributed 84% to all international student enrolment between years 2000-01 and 2010-11. The UK, however, sees more student numbers flowing in from Canada, the U.S., and Nigeria. 
All this for what? For a boost in their resume, to earn academic credit, or simply just to experience the time of their lives. Whether ‘uni life’ abroad is really worthy of all the hype it receives is for you to decide. Here are some stats!

Imfographic Credit: Global Visas
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