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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
29 Jan 2015 1.2K 3 mins Share

Top 10 Universities in the UK that offer the best quality of student life

Here are the top 10 universities in the UK which offer the best quality of student life based on cost of living, employment rate, student satisfaction and much more.

29 Jan 2015 1.2K 3 mins Share

“Have you checked out the latest University rankings? How about department rankings? What kind of facilities do students have access to? Do they offer scholarships?”  After your exam results are finally out-just when you thought you could peacefully kick start your uni application process- these questions start to pour in endlessly one after the other. Can’t seem to catch a break? 

Clear Your Clouded Mind!

This exciting; nerve-wracking; much anticipated once-in-a-life-time student experience abroad – is it as promising as it claims to be or just plain overrated? Most definitely worthy of all the hype- we assure you!  This defining moment has the power to impact your life (even years after the graduation ceremony) and your career (needless to say).  

The Top Ten That Made the Cut!

A tip - don’t just stop with looking up academic aspects of the university. Run a thorough research on what quality parameters are necessary for a good student life as well, before clicking the submit button of the online application form.  
 The Telegraph UK’s take on this can help bring a few important factors to light. Their recently published survey reveals a list of ten universities based in the UK that offer the best quality of student-life- taking into analysis various other surveys, the cost of living, student satisfaction, employment rates, and salary on graduation. 

1. Bagging the first spot… Loughborough University!! 

Climbing up one spot from its second rank in 2013, this University wins the quality race of the year 2014. It scores high in numerous categories. When it comes to student satisfaction, nine out of ten were reported to have been satisfied with their programme- soaring higher than the national average - 86 percent. Students generously rate social life in this University to be among the best in the UK. 

2. University of Bath 

Jumping up four spots from 2013, at number two, we have the University of Bath. A whopping 93 percent of its student population is satisfied with their programme and 94 percent are employed post graduation. Students are also pleased with the social life at the University as well. 

3. Durham University

Sliding down from the first position in 2013, we have Durham University at number three. Despite its fall, the University scores highly in the Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey. Students will also benefit from access to some of the cheapest bars and shops. 

4. Newcastle University 

Hogging the same spot from 2013 is Newcastle University. It has maintained its quality of student life well and continues to draw in numerous students every year. 

5. University of Glasgow 

In the fifth position is University of Glasgow, with its graduates earning nearly £25,111 on graduation. Its London School of Economics produces graduates that earn the highest full time salaries on graduation. 

6. University of Cambridge

Slipping down three spots all the way to number six, is the University of Cambridge. As per THE world rankings, the University ranks fifth in position. 

7. Northumbria University

Northumbria students benefit from one of the cheapest accommodation available (as per HEFCE/ Higher Education Funding Council For England). With 33,000 students from over 100 countries, it happens to be the largest in the North East Of England. 

8.  University of Oxford

Despite its sky high rankings in Times Higher Education world university league tables, (close behind California Institute of Technology and Harvard), University of Oxford drops sharply  in terms of student life quality to the eight spot this year- going three steps backwards from its position in 2013.

9. University of Dundee

The University of Dundee stands ninth in position and gives its students access to some of the cheapest bars, shops, and amenities in the area. Its low crime rate (third lowest to be precise with 5.5 per thousand residents) is another crucial factor that students take into consideration.

10. University of Exeter

Last but most definitely - not least, leaping up four places from last year is University of Exeter at numero diez. As per the UK’s national student survey, it ranked 28th out of a total of 267 universities for student satisfaction! 

These are just some of the unis we insist for you to have on your radar this admission season. Clear on what to look for in a university now?  

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