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Antony Chacko

Antony used to be a Product Manager with us and occasionally has written articles for our study abroad aspirants. When not at work you'd find him at the theaters watching movies.


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Applying for the UK Student Visa

The complete guide that will take you through the procedure to follow when you apply for the UK student visa.

29 Jan 2015 3.6K Book icon 6 mins Share
Antony Chacko

Antony used to be a Product Manager with us and occasionally has written articles for our study abroad aspirants. When not at work you'd find him at the theaters watching movies.


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Applying for the UK Student Visa

Deciding to study abroad may sound daunting but in reality it is a fantastic way of expanding horizons and advancing career potential. Many international students opt for higher education in British institutions, as the English approach to teaching encourages students to think creatively and apply ideas into practice in the real world.  The education in the UK results in a challenging and excellent learning experience in a cosmopolitan country which celebrates cultural, racial and ethnic diversity.

International students in order to study in the UK have to acquire a student visa from the British High Commission near to them. A Tier 4 (General) student visa will cover a student’s plan to pursue full-time education in the UK. The US Visa Procedure can be staged as:

Procedures for submitting documents 

Before applying for a student visa, students need to ensure that they possess 40 points in their assessment. Usually, 30 points are awarded for a valid confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS) to students at a satisfactory level with an approved education provider (a Tier 4 sponsor) and for having acceptable English language skills as per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) level B2 if students are taking undergraduate and foundation courses or level B1 if student are taking post graduate/doctoral degree or professional courses and 10 points for possessing enough money to cover educational expenses (for the next period of study) and living costs (up to nine months). Read more on procedures for submitting documents

Procedures for medical test and biometric examination 

If you are planning to stay in the UK for 6 months or longer, you have to be tested for TB before you apply for a visa in the form of a chest x-ray and/or sputum samples. Failing to take the test or if you test positive for TB, you will not be permitted to travel until you take the test and when you are free of TB. The Embassy accepts medical certificates from one of their approved clinics/hospitals. You can contact one of the clinics/hospitals near to you to book an appointment. 
Apart from testing for TB you should enrol your biometric information as part of the visa application process.  The Embassy will not process your visa application unless you have provided your biometric information. You should book an appointment at one of the visa application centres near you to enrol your biometric information. The procedure requires no extra fee and the procedure is quick and simple. Read more on procedures for medical test and biometric examination

Procedures for payment of application fee 

Visa application process involves submitting a filled application form online or in person with a fee accompanied by original documents and photocopies of educational proof, work proof, residential proof, identity proof and a test report for TB followed by an interview on appointment at the visa application centre. You need to first fill an online application on Visa4UK, make a note of the “GWF reference” application number upon receiving an email notification, take a print out of the application and sign the application. 
You can pay your visa application fee of Rs. 26,050 at a Standard Chartered Bank (service charges don’t apply) or pay in person at the visa application centre when submitting the application at a Standard Chartered Bank facility with a service charge of Rs.260 (inclusive of taxes) or pay the fee at a national or a foreign bank (service charges apply) and receive a demand draft in favour of the 'The British High Commission'. Demand drafts drawn from co-operative banks are not accepted by the high commission. Read more on procedures for payment of application fee

Procedures at the visa application centre 

You need to make an appointment before attending the visa application centre. You need to book the appointment online after you complete your application form. The only exemption is if you would like to use the premium lounge, fast track or prime time facilities. Read more on procedures at the visa application centre

Procedures at the interview 

Mostly, the staff will decide based on the submitted documents with the application. In some cases, applicants may be asked to attend an interview or attend a telephonic interview.  If asked to attend an interview the online appointment will be considered and the students will be intimated about the interview. According to the British High Commission’s service standards for processing of non-settlement applications, 90% are processed in 3 weeks, 98% are processed in 6 weeks and 100% are processed in 12 weeks of the application date. Read more on procedures at the interview

Procedures for collecting your visa and supporting documents 

The private facility VFS Global who assists the Embassy takes care of your documents and you will be collecting your documents back from them. All the documents that you have provided as proof are important for you while you are in the UK. If you are unable to collect your documents in person and whose documents, you should select return delivery by courier at the time you fill your visa application online. If there is a discrepancy in your visa, you should contact the VFS call centre immediately. Read more on procedures for collecting your visa and supporting documents

Procedures when visa is refused 

If your visa application has been refused, the Embassy will give or send you a notice of refusal. The notice of refusal will list the reasons for the refusal and will explain your right to appeal. The notice will also advice you on where to send your appeal.
If your visa application has been refused under the points-based system, you don’t have a full right of appeal but you can apply for an administrative review. You will get an administrative review request notice and guidance notes along with the refusal notice. The Embassy does not reply to a request for an administrative review unless you have made an application under the points-based system. Read more on procedures when visa is refused

Procedures for making an appeal

The Embassy expects you to explain why you think they were wrong to refuse your application. It is in your concern to complete the form as carefully as possible your current contact address. While appealing using form IAFT-2, you or your representative must sign the form or it will be returned back to you. If you possess documents supporting your basis for appeal, you should mail these with the appeal form. It is crucial that these documents are be in English or accompanied by a certified translation. Always use a standard A4-sized paper only for your supporting documents and avoid stapling them instead use paperclips. You should submit form no later than 28 calendar days after the date when you receive your notice of decision. Read more on procedures for making an appeal

Procedures to avail VFS additional services 

VFS Global is a commercial company partnered with the UK Border Agency at the British High Commission and Deputy High Commissions in India providing services to people who apply for a visa to enter the UK.  VFS manages visa application centres for the UK Border Agency, where you should submit your completed visa application form, supporting documents/certificates/transcripts and biometric information to process your visa.  Read more on procedures to avail VFS additional services

Procedures while in the UK 

As soon as you arrive in the UK, you may need to show evidence of your reasons to be in the UK to an immigration officer. Along with your hand luggage you should carry copies of the documents that you used to get your visa. You won’t experience any trouble when you arrive in the UK, if:
  • You provided the Embassy with all the information relevant to your stay in the UK when you applied for a visa
  • You did not, with or without your knowledge, provide false information to support your application, and
  • There has been no adjustment to your circumstances or your reasons for travelling to the UK, given that the visa was issued
If you are discovered that you have submitted false information to support your application, you will not be allowed to enter the country and will be automatically refused a visa for 10 years for using deception on an application. Read more on Procedures while in the UK
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List of UK Embassies and Consulates
New Delhi

British High Commission
New Delhi 110021

Switchboard: (91) (11) 2419 2100
Phone: +91 (0) 11 2419 2100 (24 hrs a day)

Office hours: Mon-Fri: 0900-1700
                           Mon-Fri:  0930-1230 (Consular)

British Deputy High Commission
20 Anderson Road
Chennai 600 006

Phone: (91) (44) 4219 2151
Emergency number: +91 (0) 11 2419 2100

Office hours: Mon-Thu: 0830-1630
                           Friday: 0830-1330

British Deputy High Commission
23 Kasturba Road Cross
Bangalore 560001

Phone: (91) (80) 2210 0200
Emergency number: +91 (0) 11 2419 2100

Office hours: Mon-Thu: 0830 - 1630
                            Friday: 0830 - 1330

British Deputy High Commission
1A Ho Chi Minh Sarani
Kolkata - 700071

Phone: (91) (33) 2288 5172/2288 5173-76
Emergency number: +91 (0)11 2419 2100

Office hours: Mon - Fri: 0830 - 1600
                           Mon-Fri: 0900 - 1500 (Consular)

British Deputy High Commission                  Naman Chambers,
C/32 G Block Bandra Kurla Complex,
Bandra (East) Mumbai 400 051
Phone: (91) (22) 66502222
Emergency number: +91 (0)11 2419 2100

Office hours: Mon - Thu: 08.00 - 16.00
                           Friday: 08.00 - 13.00
                           Mon - Fri: 08.00 - 10.30 (Consular)
Sri Lanka

British High Commission                                              389 Bauddhaloka Mawatha
Colombo - 7

Switchboard: +94 (0) 11 5390639
Phone: 94 11 5390639

Office hours: Mon - Thu: 0800-1630
                            Friday: 0800-1300
                            Mon - Fri: 0800-1300 (Consular)

British High Commission                                       United Nations Road, Baridhara, P O Box 6079
Dhaka 1212

Switchboard: + (88) (02) 882 2705-9
Phone: + (88) (02) 882 2705-9

Office hours: Sun-Wed: 0800-1530
                            Thu: 0800-14:00
                            Sun to Thu: 09:00 – 13:00 (Consular)

British Embassy
P O Box 106

Switchboard: (977) (1) 4410583
Phone: (977) (1) 4414588

Office hours: Mon-Thu: 0815-1700
                            Friday: 0815-1315
                            Mon-Fri: 08:15 - 12:30 (Consular)

British High Commission
Diplomatic Enclave, Ramna 5
P O Box 1122

Switchboard: 00 92 51 201 2000

Office hours: Mon-Thu: 0800-1615
                            Friday: 0800-1300

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