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29 Jan 2015 9.6K 1 min Share

Tips that will Guarantee You a US Student Visa

The article speak about the key factors the US visa officer looks for in an interview and tips to ace the US student visa interview.

29 Jan 2015 9.6K 1 min Share
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You may have been accepted by an American institution but that does not guarantee you a US visa. You must convince the visa officer that you are serious and a legitimate student eligible for a US student visa. Richard gives you few tips to be followed that will guarantee you the US visa. Just follow these simple tips which will help you prepare for US visa interview. 
Before we begin, let us get to the basics of why the US visa interview is conducted in the first place and what does the visa officer look for. Due to the limited amount of time, the officers cannot go through your documents and thus they conduct interviews. Through this interview they want to understand that you’re a genuine student with sufficient funds, going to US only to pursue your studies and with no other intentions. Interviewing you is the only way to assess you. First they will try to know if the program you have applied for is related to what you had studied earlier. Next, if the university you have selected is sensibly good, and what made you choose that particular university. They will try to find out if you have any strong tie-ups in India and also check your financial status. They will check your profile, your academic scores and your work experience to see if they match the program you wish to study in US. If they do, then your visa is guaranteed. The main reasons for your rejection would be, you are not potential enough or your financial status does not meet the requirements. To check the financial background, students are required to show documents of the liquid and semi-liquid assets such as bank statements, fixed deposits, debentures, mutual funds and shares. This needs to be available for atleast one year and you should show valid transactions for a minimum period of 6 months.
Having all this handy and if you are precautious, with genuine intentions, confident, able to present yourself well and if you can answer questions with no doubts or fear, then you can get your US visa. 

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