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24 Aug 2015 50.3K 1 min Share

Visa interview question: Why did you select this specific Uni?

The articles explains what your answer should be if the visa officer asks you Why did you select a particular University?

24 Aug 2015 50.3K 1 min Share
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Imagine that the visa officer during your visa interview asks you such a question -  Why did you select this specific Uni? and the only answer you have is, 'this is where I got the admission'. Do not even think about saying this to the visa officer. Let’s see how Richard helps you prepare to face such a question. 

One has to understand that only 5% of the Indian students go to Ivy League universities, while the remaining 95 percent don't. In such cases, you should first justify why you have selected this university. In order for you to justify you should know about the university, the program you have selected and make sure you have already corresponded with the faculty of the universities, which helps you prove that you have done enough research to choose this university. You can mention all the USPs of the university, like the strength of the university, strength of the program, that you can have a Nobel prize winner as your professor or the university is triple accredited or anything else that you think could convince the officer and make him/her believe that you have selected the right university for you.
In case the university selected does not rank well, then you can say that the program or the research work is available only in that particular university. All this will have no value if you do not carry the proof. You should carry your research work on the university, the correspondence you’ve had with the lecturers and all others.


Richard says that this way the visa officers will be convinced that you have undoubtedly made the right decision in choosing your university and will grant you the visa.

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