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Doodle Nandi

Doodle Nandi is a content editor for Hotcourses India- an IDP company, and helps write articles that help students with their study abroad journey.


12 Sep 2016 16.3K Book icon 2 mins Share

A bag of tough F1 visa interview questions!

This article emphasises on tough questions that you may face during an F1 visa interview

12 Sep 2016 16.3K Book icon 2 mins Share
Doodle Nandi

Doodle Nandi is a content editor for Hotcourses India- an IDP company, and helps write articles that help students with their study abroad journey.


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tough F1 visa questions

The F1 visa interview is a big day in your life since it will determine whether you are going to get the big ticket to your dream study destination abroad or not.

Allow me to talk about some of the possible questions that every student experience during an F1 visa interview. We have categorised those questions under 5 different topics, for you.

University-related questions:

  1. Where did you get admission?
  2. Why did you choose to study at this university?
  3. Why did you choose this course?
  4. Why did you choose an MS?
  5. Why are you changing your field
  6. Which universities did you apply to? (both admits and rejected ones)
  7. Mention the name of some professors of the university you applied at?
  8. Why did you apply for the fall semester? (vice-versa)
  9. Why did you apply to these (other) universities?
  10. Will you be staying back?
  11. Do you have any plans of PhD?
  12. Though similar courses are offered by other universities, why did you choose this particular university – Why?

Finance-related questions:

  1. Who is going to sponsor your education?
  2. What is the occupation of your father?
  3. What is your sponsor’s (or father’s) annual income?
  4. How will you pay the university fee? (in case a retired father)
  5. What is your university’s annual fee?
  6. Are you applying for a loan?
  7. Which bank is providing you a loan?
  8. Got any scholarship? If yes, why do you think you got it?
  9. Why didn’t you get any scholarship?
  10. Show me your bank statement, please!
  11. Ah! I can see large transactions being done! – how do you explain that?

Family related questions:

  1. How many members are in your family?
  2. Do you know anyone in the USA? If yes, whom?
  3. What is he/she doing there? (on mentioning who works in the USA)
  4. Are you planning to stay with him/her or follow in his/ her footsteps?

Work-related (if any) questions:

  1. Why did you quit your job?(if you left your job to study abroad)
  2. Where were you working earlier?
  3. Could you please show me your experience letter?
  4. What was your annual salary?
  5. What are your current savings?
  6. Are you planning to opt for some part-time jobs in the USA?

General questions:

  1. Why did you choose the USA – why not any other country? (Back to zero!)
  2. What do you know about American culture?
  3. What are your expectations after completing your degree?
  4. Why is your score low? ( in IELTS/TOEFL/GRE)
  5. How did you manage to score so high? (Sarcasm!)
  6. It appears as if you won’t be coming back! (With a grim look!)
  7. Have you been to USA before? If yes, where?
  8. What will you do if your visa is rejected?

That's quite a LOT of F1 visa interview questions!

So what's next? This tough F1 visa interview should not halt you from preparing for it; you can actually master it with some skill and intelligence. What you need is to interact with experts in this field who deal with thousands of students and help them overcome this fear; so you should get in touch with our own visa experts for smart visa assistance!

Preparing for visa interview?

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