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08 Dec 2014 20.3K 1 min Share

Visa interview question: What is the reason for your low scores?

Tips on how to justify low academic scores during the US visa interview. Check out the article for more guidance.

08 Dec 2014 20.3K 1 min Share
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Are you worried what to say when you are questioned about your low scores? Do not be concerned but just read what Richard says about responding to the same.  
It needs to be understood that only 5 percent of students would have studied in Ivy League universities and 95 percent have not. Hence the chances that few students may not have good scores are high. In such scenarios, you will need to understand and give the visa officers a valid reason why the scores are low.
Richard says that most students are either studying or working while taking up their SAT or GRE or GMAT. He says that this could be given as a valid reason for their low scores. If you have received admissions from more than one university or have been offered scholarships then you can also justify that your score is not low but reasonably enough to acquire these. So it all basically narrows down to how well you present your answer to the visa officer. If the visa officer is convinced with your answer that you have your admissions, you have your scholarships and you were either studying or working during your SAT or GRE exams which were the reason for your low score, then you might get the visa immediately. 
Has US always been you dream destination, but you think it could be ridiculous to say something like that to the US visa officer? The next video gives you few suggestions as to what you should do when you decide US as your study destination

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