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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
22 Dec 2016 11.9K 2 mins Share

How to dress up for your F1 visa interview: do’s and don’ts!

As the old adage goes: ‘first impression is the best impression’. Time to decide what to wear for an F1 visa interview!

22 Dec 2016 11.9K 2 mins Share

Here comes the very last step of your study abroad dream, and you’ve made it through so many difficulties to get to this point. Now that you’ve proved yourself to come this far, you can take it easy right? Wrong.

Well–we are not saying we want you tied up in knots over this- but- yes guys, the dress code for your F1 Visa Interview is something you must take seriously. Treat this as your very last hurdle.

We want to be clear here–there are no written rules on how to dress up, but we insist that you go the traditional route. After all–you are what you wear! You may want to argue that you should be free to wear whatever you want whenever you want, but maybe you can save making a personal fashion statement for some other occasion- right? This is your dream future on the line here.

We knew you’d agree- so without further ado- presenting the ideal F1 Visa Dress Code…


Ladies – here are your F1-do’s and don’ts!

  • A formal Salwar Kameez gets a yes from us, with your dupatta to one side. Light shades such as off-white or white are perfect.
  • A conservative suit.
  • A neatly ironed formal blouse with formal pants.
  • Taking out a sari from your closet? NO! We advise you against saris.
  • Go light on those lipstick shades. Do not use over glossy ones. The one you are thinking of right now–don’t use it. Just go for a light matte finish, nude shade.
  • If you must paint your nails, then get them done in a very light shade of red or pink.
  • Stay away from heels that are higher than 1 inch; either go for black or something that goes with your outfit.
  • Steer clear of flashy jewellery–big earrings or necklaces.
  • Don’t spray on too much perfume; you don’t want them to smell you the minute you hit the parking lot- no seriously- too much of a good thing is not – well- a good thing.
  • You should carry a nice looking brown, leather folder; none of those pink and yellow folders with cartoons on them- no matter how cute they look! Nope- won’t do ladies- won’t do!
  • No nose piercings, and try to cover any visible tattoos as well.

Fellas- here are your F1-do’s and don’ts!

  • Formal shirt (white or light blue with long sleeves), a tie and formal pants.
  • A suit (if it isn’t too hot for you to wear one) in dark grey preferably.
  • Dark brown or black belt but none of those with those big loops on them.
  • Leather shoes and dark-coloured socks.
  • Keep those nails trimmed.
  • Trim your hair around 5 days before the interview–you don’t have to go overboard and do a summer cut or anything of that sort; just keep it trimmed neatly. You may slightly gel your hair if you really, really, REALLY must.
  • A professional looking folder–nothing of any vibrant colours.
  • And a no for sports watches; go for a formal one with a leather strap.
  • Don’t be lazy now–make sure you shave!
  • And last but not least–a hint of perfume will finish that look for you! Go get’em!

So there you go! You can also try a semi-formal look with jeans or khakis. What do you think works best?

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