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08 Dec 2014 40.1K 1 min Share

Visa interview: Will you return to India after your studies?

What could be the best possible answer for the US student visa sample question like Will You Come Back to India After Your Studies? - Check out the article.

08 Dec 2014 40.1K 1 min Share
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Many are not aware that this question is one very tactical question asked by the visa officers. Many students may just let out the fact that they do want to settle down in the US and earn. As far as I know, this is one main reason why most Indian students choose to go abroad as their salary will evidently be more when compared to that in India. 
Richard says if he was asked, whether he will return to India after his studies, he would answer saying that his mother, father, brother and sister are all living in India and that he is very close to them. So first give them the assurance that you will return back as you have a strong family bonding, which does not allow you to stay away from for long and that it is not all about earning money. Secondly tell them that you have all your investments in India. Third, let them know that the employment opportunity for the course you are taking is equally good in India when compared to the USA. So you just need to make them believe that there is no valid reason for you to stay in the US, but have all the reasons for you to return back
 It is obvious in most cases that will be your parents are the sponsors. When you are questioned about that, follow the tips mentioned in the next video which will help you answer it confidently. 

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