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Antony Chacko
05 Dec 2014 819 2 mins Share

Application for University - Steps and Procedures

It is now time to look at various Colleges and Universities that offer the program you desire. Check out this step by step walk through of how to file your Application for UK universities.

05 Dec 2014 819 2 mins Share
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application for university

Once the decision to go abroad and study has been confirmed, it is now time to look at various Colleges and Universities that offer the program you desire. Following that, the process of application begins. For many this stage is the most tedious and difficult as they are lost wondering what kind of information to gather, or what are the documents to be submitted. Well, to put you at ease, we give you a step by step walk through of how to file your Application for UK universities.

The first thing you need to do is visit the UCAS website and download the Application form meant for a student of your cadre- under graduate or post graduate. The page might seem long and complicated, but worry not. Once you download the form, set it aside and look at the qualifications mentioned for the program. Make sure you qualify. In case of any queries or confusion, reach out to the UK Naric and then start on the Application form.

The Application Procedure:

  • Take the print out of the UCAS form and start filling it out. Incase you are unsure of the information required, use a pencil and write down all data on a sheet of paper.
  • Have information related to your previous education on hand. You will have to fill in the name and details of the courses completed as they are mentioned in the certificate. You don’t have to declare the program you are keen on, but can list them down in order of preference.
  • Once you submit the form, UCAS will send an acknowledgement receipt. Please keep that carefully.
  • UCAS will also send  the application form you had filled with various education institutions [Colleges and universities] you had expressed interest in
  • The Colleges and educational institutions will receive and review the application. They will then inform UCAS directly on whether you qualify for the program or not.
  • In case you have all the necessary qualifications for the program, your application will be placed under 'unconditional'. Therein, if you are yet to reach the entrance qualification for the course you have chosen, then you will be granted admission that is valid only if you clear the tests and obtain the required grades in the same.
  • UCAS will then reach out to you to ask about the course and college you have decided on.  This is when you get the choice of listing down the choices in order of preference. You should take time to think it through and make the right decision. You can list down 2 options in this category and no changes can be made later on.
  • Your decision will be sent to UCAS who in turn will pass on the same to the respective educational institution[s]. The students should not contact the colleges directly, and must route all communication through UCAS only.
  • Finally, when you receive the qualifying exam results, within the set time limit copies of the same should be sent to the educational institutions that have been chosen.
  • When the college responds to this, and you have satisfied all the stated qualifications, you will go into the “unconditional” pile. And if the college or university that was your 1st choice has confirmed your admission, your 2nd choice will be cancelled and you cannot change your decision thereafter.
  • Once the confirmed admission offer is obtained, you should send your response to the institution immediately. You can either choose to Accept or reject the offer.
  • However, if you don’t qualify and satisfy the conditions mentioned in your offer, you can still send the exam results to the colleges you have chosen and wait for their response. They might either accept or reject and this information will be forwarded to you through UCAS.
  • In case you don’t get into the college you had chosen, don’t lose heart. You can always look at an alternative program or different colleges with different qualifying scores.
  • You can then apply fresh and go the Application process all over again. 

Good luck!

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