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20 Jan 2015 981 2 mins Share

How to apply to an University in the UK

Tips on how to apply to Universities in UK. The article highlights the application procedures, step by step explanantion and documents required for application.

20 Jan 2015 981 2 mins Share
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It is that time of the year. You are ready with your application forms and all set to apply to some of the leading universities in UK.  But, you are lost trying to find information on how to apply, what are the documents you need and the process to get the application processed. One other aspect you have been wondering about is Sponsorship, and if it was possible to identity the universities offering scholarship.

The norm is for you to apply for the courses selected through Universities and Colleges Admissions Service [UCAS]. They handle all the applications for full time undergraduate courses unless the course is offered by an open university. Every year nearly 450,000 applications are received and processed, of which about 50,000 are from foreign students, seeking admission and some requesting scholarship or aid.

While filling out the UCAS form, you will notice it is quite extensive and requires information from A to Z about your profile. At any given point of time, you can apply to only a maximum of 6 colleges or universities. A submission fee of £15.00 should be sent along with the application form for it to be accepted and processed. This payment can be through credit or debit card or a postal order.  

Since 2006, application processing has been done online and so if you miss out even a small detail, your application could get rejected. Download the form from the UCAS website, and all you need is a computer with internet connection to complete the process.

You could look at applying to Institute of Education, University of London, University of Abertay Dundee, Plymouth University or the City University as they offer the best deals for the students seeking scholarship. University of Kent offers maximum amount of scholarship across programs varying in the amount of aid offered.

Few pointers when applying

  • Make sure to provide correct and factual data only
  • Check as many times as you can to ensure all the information mentioned is correct and relevant.
  • The dates and addresses should be correct, and spellings accurate.
  • Do a final check to make sure your contact details are right.
  • Be clear about the colleges you wish to apply to before clicking the Submit button.
  • Obtain advice by someone who has applied or studied in UK before sending it out
  • If seeking scholarship, check if you have mentioned the names of those colleges in the list to increase your chance of obtaining aid.
  • Note down the last date for submission and send in your application before the due date.
  • March to September is the time when you should do all your research and ground work
  • Check on the UCAS website for any changes in date and in the rules for submission.

Go on, get cracking on the application form!

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