There are different intakes in the UK that you can opt for
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Which intake is the best to study in the UK? Find out and apply!

Should you opt for the September intake or the January intake? Does the UK offer any other intake? Read more and make informed decisions.

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There are different intakes in the UK that you can opt for

Unlike the Indian educational system where intakes happen only once in a year, universities abroad have multiple intakes. Particularly in the UK, the universities offer 2 or more intakes. There are 2 popular UK intakes; Autumn Intake and Spring Intake. Let’s understand the differences between the two.

Intakes in the UK

Autumn intake

Autumn intake in the UK happens in the months of September/October. This is considered to be the major intake in the UK for all the universities. That would also make the competition tougher as the universities receive a large number of applications.

Some of the institutes that offer intakes in the month of September are:

Spring intake

Spring intakes in the UK is during the months of January/February. This is more like a secondary intake and not all courses will be available. You can consider this as an option if you miss the major intake. If you are opting this intake, take into consideration the UK weather and prepare accordingly.

Some of the institutes that offer intakes in the month of January are: 

Summer intake

This is an additional intake offered by some institutions. It occurs during the month of May.

Not all courses will be available for the Spring and Summer intakes. So it is always advisable to check with the institutions or speak to our counsellors before making a decision. Also remember that the application deadlines for these intakes will end a couple of months ahead of the intake month. So make sure you plan to submit your application accordingly. Experts advice that it is better you plan a year in ahead.

How to decide which UK intake to opt for?

September and January are the 2 major intakes in the UK

Students who miss the September intake can apply for the January intake. Some might argue saying that the September intake is better than January in terms of the volume of courses offered. However, there are universities that offer good courses for the January intake too.

You can decide on which intake to opt for based on:

  • The availability of your preferred course
  • The time required to get your documents ready
  • Your convenience

If you have missed the September intake in the UK, you can look forward to the January intake since the Jan-intake applications give you additional time to work on your essays so that you can fill in the loopholes, if there are any.


The expected academic requirements is a minimum of 65% GPA in higher secondary to get enrolled in humanities or arts courses. For Science courses, a minimum 70% GPA is required. Apart from academic scores, applicants must meet English language requirements, for which they need to sit the IELTS test. Some universities might ask for standardised test (GRE or GMAT) scores from students. They might have a set minimum score for specific subjects. Make sure that you are clear about these requirements before attempting the test. You can speak to our counsellors for expert advice.

Where to apply?

You can have a chat with our counsellors regarding application deadlines at different universities in the UK. Try figuring out which intake will be best for you. Otherwise, just reach out to us and we can help you decide the best intake to opt for.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in May 2018. We have included up-to-date information and made it comprehensive.

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