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Justin Epley

Guest post contributed by Justin Epley. Justin is a freelance writer and an online tutor. His articles appear on various education blogs.


08 Dec 2014 2.3K Book icon 3 mins Share

How to overcome the job interview jitters!

Looking forward with the tips to crack Job Interview Successfully. This article has the insight to face job interviews.

08 Dec 2014 2.3K Book icon 3 mins Share
Justin Epley

Guest post contributed by Justin Epley. Justin is a freelance writer and an online tutor. His articles appear on various education blogs.


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How to overcome the job interview jitters!

In today's economy and job market, it is more important than ever for prospective employees to make a great first impression. With the high rate of competition for a single position, grabbing the hiring manager's attention from the second you walk into their office is what is going to put you ahead of the pack and hopefully land you that job. Many people become overwhelmed during the job interview process, and their nervousness can be very transparent. There is also a fine line between acting overconfident as opposed to eager about obtaining the position. 

While an employer usually wants someone with a positive attitude and a willingness to get the job done, it is important for the interviewee to maintain a position of humbleness as well, and many employers can see through an individual who is exaggerating their skills and qualifications. By taking a few important steps and conducting some research beforehand, you will have the natural confidence you need in order to have a successful job interview. 
Do a background check 
Since the majority of people seeking work in today's world send out dozens of resumes per day, when a prospective employer calls for an interview, the job hopeful may not remember the specifics of the company. It is easy to keep track of where resumes have been sent by simply checking your sent file, and many people keep a running log of the companies that they have applied to.  By going back and checking your records, you will be able to research the company where you will be interviewing and get a feel for how it operates. Many businesses have websites, and there are also sites that offer reviews from past employees and customers. By getting a feel for the business, you will be able to walk into that interview with an idea of what is expected of you.
Practice Your Interview 
Many job interviews consist of the same core group of questions, and these questions are what tend to throw off an interviewee's confidence. Questions like, "Where do you see yourself in five years?" Or, "What do you think you could bring to the company?" seem like standard and easy questions to answer, but the truth is, they are the complete opposite. In today's economy, many people are simply trying to find a job, and they truly do not know where they will be in five years' time.  Additionally, when asked what they can bring to the company, an interviewee may come off as overconfident if they go on and on about their positive traits, and they may come off as passive if they only give a boiler-plate answer. Taking some time to think about how you may answer these questions and practicing in front of a mirror will allow for a natural response when the time comes. 
Punctuality and Personality go hand in hand 
It is always important to be at least 10-15 minutes early for your job interview, no matter how long you end up waiting in the lobby. 
While many employers run behind during the interview process, they are aware that you are scheduled for an interview and are notified the moment you arrive. Punctuality shows that you will arrive to work on time, and this leaves a lasting impression. 
You also want to arrive to your job interview dressed appropriately. This means taking the extra time to pick out just the right attire, and making sure that your clothing is clean, pressed, and professional looking. Believe it or not, there are many employers who will pass on a potential hire simply based on their appearance, so arriving to your interview looking your absolute best is of the utmost importance. 
Believe in yourself 
After you have landed that interview and made all of the necessary preparations, the final ace in the hole is confidence. When you walk into that office, make sure you have a smile on your face and a positive and friendly attitude. Personality goes a long way in the hiring process, and on top of your qualifications, the employer also wants to see that you will fit in with your co-workers. By researching your position, practicing your interview, and dressing to impress, you will have the confidence you need to go in and land that job, and move forward towards a successful future. 
Guest post contributed by Justin Epley for Progressive Personnel. Justin is a careers adviser and freelance writer. His articles appear on various tourism blogs. Visit Progressive Personnel for hints and tips for interviews
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