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30 Aug 2016 160 2 mins Share

What to study abroad after completing BA in English?

There are many options open abroad for students who have undergraduate degree in English from Indian institutes

30 Aug 2016 160 2 mins Share
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What to study abroad post BA in English from India

I would like to begin with an inspiring quote from the famous movie the Dead Poets Society

'Medicine, Law, Business and Engineering: these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But Poetry, Beauty, Romance and Love: these are what we stay alive for!'

Are you one of those who thinks Literature cannot earn you your daily bread and butter? You are absolutely wrong. Literature or English (the lingua franca) can earn you every meal.

The beauty of literature is at par which no other subjects can match up to. The immeasurable depth and history which English language offers makes it an attractive subject for not only language lovers but also non-language lovers. 

Do not think that your BA in English would go astray. In fact you can pursue many career options, with an English degree, which no other degree holders can. If you are looking for various study options abroad after BA in English, read up more. 

Options abroad after BA in English:

1. Bangor University offers MA in Bilingualism, Cognitive Linguistics and Translation Studies.

2. University at Buffalo, the State University of NY, offers full-time MA in Linguistics with specialisation in German Linguistics or Sociolinguistics or East Asian Languages. The fee is nearly $ 22, 210.00 per year for international students. 

3. University of Central Florida offers interesting postgraduate programmes in English – Literary, Cultural and Textual Studies Track, Rhetoric Communication Track, Technical Communication Track and many more. Average fee is nearly $19,319.58 for international students. 

4. University College Dublin offers full-time programmes like MA in Linguistics and MLitt in Irish, Celtic Studies, Irish Folklore and Linguistics. Fees are nearly € 17,400.00 and € 11,650.00 per year, respectively, for international students. Dublin is considered to be one of UNESCO’s cities of literature and offers enumerable options to promote domestic and foreign literature. 

5. The University of Kansas offers full time, postgraduate programmes in English. The fee is nearly $15,840.00 per year for international students.

6. University of Kent offers MA in English & American Literature, and the fee is nearly £ 12,030.00 per year for international students. 

7. Keele University offers full time, postgraduate programmes in English, including Victorian Studies. It also has openings in Humanities stream. The fee is nearly £13,260.00 per year for international students.

8. King’s College London offers MA in Medieval English. The fee is nearly £17,550.00 per year for international students.

9. University of New South Wales offers 2-year, full-time postgraduate programmes in Visual Arts Education and International Relations. 

10. Swansea University offers some exciting programmes like MA and MPhil in Applied Linguistics, MA in Chinese to English translation and MA in Literary Translation. 

Exciting career options with a degree in English:

With a degree in English or Literature, you can choose from a plethora of career options: be a professor, research scholar, critique (book critique or film critique or food critique), writer/ author (travel, fiction, novel, etc.), performing artist, content writer, copywriter, translator or interpreter or journalist. You can teach English abroad, start your own NGO or join one or become a public relations manager. 

Needless to say, English or Literature has its own charm. The joy of leafing through pages of books written by famous authors and poets is wonderful! Poetry or prose is like a bee; if you have a knack of exploring either of them, it will sting you hard to leave behind a mark on your mind. 

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