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How to Apply for a Malaysian Student Visa?

The article guides the step-by-step process involved in applying for a Malaysian Student visa

Antony Chacko | 26 Aug 2013 | Updated on 29 Jan 2015 | 38.1K Views
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The Malaysian government has made the process of acquiring a student visa easier. To apply for a student visa, you don’t need to contact your local embassy in Malaysia anymore.

Other than its breathtaking sceneries, beautiful culture and friendly people, Malaysia is fast becoming popular for its high-quality education, boasting some of the top universities in Asia. In fact, the country ranks 11th in the world when it comes to the number of international students. For its neighboring countries, Malaysia's high education standard is also well acknowledged. India, for one, is where a great number of inbound students come from.
Like Malaysia, India produces many of the world's most outstanding students. That is why both countries work hand-in-hand for the continuation of this achievement.
Having said all that, for Indian students who are planning to study in this educational abode, given below are the requirements and steps on how to apply for a Malaysia student visa from India.
But before we go any further, you must know that only 200 institutions in Malaysia are allowed to recruit international students. Plus it is better if you choose Language Colleges accredited by the Malaysian government for your convenience. Also, you must first apply for a visa before you are issued a student pass. However, it is not as complicated as it seems. The process is made easy and simple for every aspiring student. First, here's what you will need:

Requirements to Apply for a Malaysian Student Visa:

  • Student visa application form, completed and signed by the applicant. )
  • Offer letter from your chosen educational institution approved by the pass & permit division in the Immigration Headquarters of Malaysia.
  • Two passport sized photographs
  • Two photocopies of your Passport
  • Academic transcript(s) of records
  • Proof of full-time course of study approved by the Minister of Home Affairs
  • Proof of financial capability to meet course and other expenses
  • Health certificate
  • Evidence of security and personal bond
  • Students have to show their approval letters upon arrival

Steps in Applying for a Student Visa:

The Malaysian government has made the process of the application of student visa and pass easy for anyone who wants to study in the country, as you do not have to contact your local Embassy of Malaysia no more. The steps are as follows:

Step 1. Contact the institution directly.

Apply for a student pass from your chosen institution and no longer via the Immigration Department. Follow the special application requirements as indicated by the institution. Then, your application will be submitted by the educational institution to the Director of Pass & Permit Division of Malaysia.
Note that your passport must be valid for more than 1 year. If it is shorter than that period, your pass will not be processed.

Step 2. Wait for the confirmation of acceptance

Prospective students will be informed of their application status by the Immigration Department in Malaysia through the educational institution that one has chosen. Regardless if you are accepted or not, the notification of acceptance is usually sent within a week (7 days).

Step 3. Send the necessary documents

If successful, you have to mail them the visa documents required or you can send it to the place they specify since transactions are made directly from the institution. From that point, the process will then be taken care of by the institution itself.

Step 4. Institution will send you a letter confirming your student pass

A letter of approval for your student pass will be released by the Malaysian Immigration Department and be delivered to the institution upon your acceptance. The institution will then send this approval letter to you. 

Step 5. Inform the institution

Before you go to Malaysia, you must inform the institution about your airport location, flight number, and arrival date and time. A representative from the institution will greet you at the immigration check-point at the Malaysian airport upon your arrival. Next, your visa will be issued to you via an endorsement on your valid national passport.

Step 6. Wait for your Student Pass sticker

Within 2 weeks, your passport will be submitted to the Immigration Department and a student pass sticker will be affixed to it.

Student Visa and Pass Fees:

The fees depend on the country but do not exceed more than US $29.41. Student passes usually cost around US $17.65.
Finally, once you have completed all the steps, you are now officially enrolled in and ready to study at your chosen Malaysian institution. All the best!

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