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Doodle Nandi

Doodle Nandi is a content editor for Hotcourses India- an IDP company, and helps write articles that help students with their study abroad journey.


02 Aug 2016 647 Book icon 5 mins Share

Ten secrets that you should follow to NOT get admissions to study abroad

Ten ways to ruin your study abroad chances, with some hard work: an article for the fun-hearted!

02 Aug 2016 647 Book icon 5 mins Share
Doodle Nandi

Doodle Nandi is a content editor for Hotcourses India- an IDP company, and helps write articles that help students with their study abroad journey.


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Ten secrets that you should follow to NOT get admissions to study abroad

Heard about Newton’s third law? Oh! You must have. Considering Newton’s third law of motion – two interacting objects experience an equal and opposite reaction – every object in this universe is considered to experience no unidirectional force (FA = −FB), and this law is referred as ‘action–reaction’ law.

 Time and again, physicists have stated that the same theory is applicable to life in general – the way we interact decides what consequences we face in return (or vice versa).

This article will help you to be curious about Fyou = −Finstitute when you apply for your college admissions abroad.

Do not do your research!

Avoid visiting university representatives when they visit your school or college, and never try to get any valuable advice from them that could help you validate the university you wish to study at.

Try to be phoney and show an expressed interest in universities by sending them repeated e-mails and voicemails because that is how universities decide to reject desperate applicants who have the capacity to cross the fine line between genuine interest and projecting a humdrum academic record.

Keep up the party work!

You do not have to be gripped with tensions about deadlines related to the application process. Have a fantastic party at the beach instead during the crucial week of your admissions process. You will slowly realise that a more action-packed week lies ahead for you with small photons of failures.

Why bother being truthful!

You can spoil your resume by adding all unnecessary information in it so that the universities you have applied at think that you are a LIAR! So go ahead and mar your resume , decking it up with exaggerations, making them think that you are no good and an academically dishonest person.

The balancing act between expressing your interest and achievements should not be maintained if getting rejected is your ultimate goal.

Why waste time taking tests? Stay easy!

You are a one true believer on the motto ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, so the Jack in you cannot resist the fun and frolic of life. Your hypothetical work life (or student life) is burdensome for you to the core that you feel like taking repeated breaks, as long as breaks do not refuse to spend time with you!

IELTS, GRE, TOEFL are not for brainworkers like you; instead they are for a bunch of useless people who want to hit the top score and get into renowned universities – Is that what you want?

Be frivolous and gregarious!

Do not focus on your GPA − do everything but study. Keep getting unsatisfactory grades, miss your lectures and get a poor attendance. Universities will not mind you being frivolous but your GPA. Your unflinching dishonesty will speak for itself when you start applying to universities abroad.

Frivolous attitude = No college admissions.

Screw up your essay – NOW!

Give up! There is no way you can write a good essay because you have no time for serious things in your life. Why bother stating your purpose? You would rather go out and look for some pokemon – How many have you collected?

Screwing up your essay is the only way you can miss getting not only admission but also good scholarships from universities because essays, or SOPs, are a great way to boost your skills and achievements that speak for your personal development.

Screw up your visa interview – well done!

Be obsessed with your thought process or day-dreaming attitude, and it will help you screw up the interview. Most importantly, you should never be prepared for the visa interview if you want to get rejected fast.

If you are asked some silly questions, just laugh out loud and never bother to correct yourself. Prioritise is a clichéd word for you so you need not work hard towards prioritising an interview; instead just savour your life!

Leave it on them – always!

That word defines you because you are dependent on your parents or guardian or friends for everything. It is quite easy for you to assume that whatever help you want will be guaranteed to you in no time by someone.

Usually, people like you get everything done by their near and dear ones, including the signature on the application form, because you think that universities are quite gullible so as not to appreciate your smartness.

Mind your e-mails!

Prove yourself a vapid once again by creating a mail ID which grabs the attention of the university…Ahem! Ahem! Your mail ID should be unique, for example, Ihatelaundry@.... Wow! That is a good step towards making a worst first impression.

Never use a proper e-mail address, for example, firstnamelastname@ because that is how you can avoid proving yourself serious about the application process.

Deadline blues! – I have better things to do!!

As I said earlier, you cup of coffee is not to indulge in the application process and contribute towards making it a success so you can just drop it on someone’s plate to be taken care of.

Your peccable resume and unpragmatic approach towards studying abroad will surely lead to an ignominious situation for you. Be prepared at least for the day when you face rejection so that you can exercise restrain over your sorrows! 

Now! now! do not have to be a pessimist for defying this law of Newton. 

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